Day 1672: Unlimited Capacity

I seem to have an unlimited capacity to see potential blog topics all around me.


I also have an  unlimited capacity for

  • irony,
  • humor,
  • taking things out of context,
  • searching for meaning,
  • appreciation,
  • hope,
  • reminiscing, and
  • taking photos (even if my devices have limited capacity for storage).








What do you have an unlimited capacity for?

These days, I’m working on limiting my capacity for

  • worry,
  • guilt,
  • shame,
  • judgment,
  • despair, and
  • fear.

YouTube seems to have an unlimited capacity for storing videos about EVERYTHING ( including reminiscing).

I also have an unlimited capacity for gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create this Unlimited Capacity post and — of course! — to YOU.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1672: Unlimited Capacity

  1. Less worry would be great.
    I’m knitting and blogging as fast as I can to reduce the anxiety that accompanies it.
    Copious gratitude a good thing.
    The reminiscing gets me bummed too often but I can remember selectively with the best of em.
    Blog on, Ann.

  2. Me too for working on unlimited capability for fear.

  3. Your real photos are priceless, Ann. Your capacity for storing them all these years awes me. A shoebox and an album were far less complicated than our iProducts.
    As for me, my capacity seems to be for empathy …

  4. An interesting blog Ann, I think I’ve an unlimited capacity for tears, reminiscing, humour, talking, and, so I’ve been told by those bodies lying on the floor around me, a beer or two. I’m working on my capacity, to listen more… and to go home earlier. .. before I drink my friend/s fridges dry…. (just joking)

  5. “Humans push their limits. It is their first approach to any problem. When they learn where the limits lie they fill in the missing information until the limit breaks. When they break a limit they look for the limit beyond that.”
    That quote from Larry Niven is a good reminder to keep pushing the limits.

    • I’m pushing the limits of my memory now, Chris, and I remember this information: Larry Niven is an excellent writer of Science Fiction. Thanks for pushing the limits of excellent commentary, again.

  6. Your unlimited capacity list is a POWER list!

  7. I have an unlimited capacity of not knowing things. πŸ™‚

  8. I too have unlimited capacity for searching for meaning, appreciation, hope, reminiscing, and taking photos Ann. I do need to work on limiting my capacity for worrying. I also have an unlimited capacity for reading your blog!

  9. There are no limits to unlimited capacity. Thanks for bringing it on Ann. πŸ’›

  10. There’s no end to what’s possible

  11. I seem to have an unlimited capacity for enjoying your blog, and today is no exception, Ann!

  12. Marcia Dubreuil

    Wow, Ann. There we all are, still together out there in the ether. I love all of those sweet, young things, even beautiful, wild Shane.

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