Day 1670: Which way peace?

I have a peaceful way of choosing my post titles: I look at my pictures from the day before.

Yesterday, I facilitated a therapy group, listened, talked, walked, observed, and  settled in to our new home.  As always, there were ways to peace in every moment.














Somebody in last night’s therapy group suggested that the way to peace was “forgiving self first.”

Which way is peace on YouTube?

Peace and thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to you, for finding your way here.

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26 thoughts on “Day 1670: Which way peace?

  1. Peace out Ann! Have a peaceful weekend!

  2. Peace to you this Friday morning, Ann Judith!

    • Peace to you, too, Mark. When I read your comment on my previous post this morning, I remembered that you and Karen were in my dream last night. You were both very peaceful.

  3. Judith? Who knew. Now I am at peace 🙏
    Looks like the cats are settling in nicely too. I’m sure that brings some peace of mind.

  4. That “P” in your pic…a universal symbol for Parking, or is it also for Peace ???

  5. You have inspired me for my next post. You, and oeace, have that affect on me.

  6. A piece of peace today!

  7. I’m lying here in bed, by myself, and it’s 4.30am, perusing your interesting post on peace. Immediately l think of of that time, John Lennon and Yoko did their “sleep in” for Peace, and produced that wonderful world wide anthem, “Give Peace A Chance”, and so that all l am saying today, !!♡

  8. Love the Pun! If we can’t immediately find peace, we can certainly locate some P’s.

    (Not sure if that apostrophe should be there, but it looked like p.s. without it.)

  9. Very peaceful post! I was intrigued with the remotes hanging out with puppets, the sleeping mask, and the St Jude Merlin@Home monitor. I looked the latter up and was impressed that it reads your heart’s functioning and reports back to the mother ship! That must give you great peace of mind…and body.

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