Day 1667: Almost

I almost chose another title for this post, but I am most inspired by this image I almost missed yesterday:


Is that almost funny? Or just funny?  Is it funny to almost everybody? Or is it almost something else?

I almost wore slippers like those today, but I can’t find them.

As I’m almost half-way through this post, I’m almost

  • settled in to our new home,
  • unpacked,
  • certain this was a great move for us,
  • totally sleep-deprived,
  • completely recovered from my open heart surgery,
  • prepared for our annual trip in August to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and
  • ready to go to work.

Are you almost ready for other photos from yesterday?





I was almost home last night when I took that last picture.

Here’s “Almost Home” by Moby.

I’m almost tempted to take a photo of a stuffed animal here and share it, but it’s almost time for me to finish this post.

I almost always end my posts with thanks to everybody who help me create them and — of course! —  to you, most of all.




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31 thoughts on “Day 1667: Almost

  1. Well done, well almost, have been following your moving and unpacking with great gusto, well almost. And I think I’m almost as tired as you, mostly lacking sleep, hmmm, mostly because I’m looking after Two Dogs instead of one. So I’m almost off to bed already, 9.10pm Tuesday here, in Geelong. As I say in my blog site “It’s Time”….so have a look, it’s mostly a good site. Nite, nite Ann….

  2. I love those almost funny cards … Wondering if that’s because they are actually All Most funny.
    Happy you are almost settled Ann 😍

  3. I’m certain that I love your Almost Home photo, Ann. My, how our iPhones can sometimes surprise us!

  4. It’s almost time for Edinburgh?? Wow- so much in this past year for you Ann-it almost seems unbelievable!

  5. This is a comment I’ve almost finishe

  6. That pic is so good…you were almost in that water !

  7. “Almost” is a word that’s used so commonly I wonder how often people stop to think about its meaning. I know I’ve never really stopped to think about its meaning so I checked the OED and found in its various definitions this use in mathematics: “That is such with exceptions or deviations that are negligible or insignificant”. I usually think of math as a precise science, but it’s reassuring to know that even mathematicians will sometimes accept that almost is perfect.

  8. “A still more glorious dawn awaits….” — Carl Sagan

  9. I’m almost amazed that you’re almost unpacked! Having moved a lot, I think getting settled in as soon as possible is really important! Reduces stress, as does a good, deep belly laugh, like seeing that cat after a donut binge.

  10. I’m almost done with your post but I have to comment first…..and…..done. 🙂

  11. I almost wrote a song about you today, but I tore it all up and threw it away – Bowling for Soup. Check it out.

  12. I almost closed the tab without reading this post and that would have sucked

  13. I’m almost ready to go to bed, but I decided that although tired, I’d reach for a few of my favorite blogs tonight. I’m so glad I did!

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  15. Those lights on the fourth picture are quite something. What was the original title btw?

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