Day 1666: What are you looking at?

In case you didn’t know, you’re looking at today’s blog post at “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.”

What are you looking at in these photos from yesterday?




















You’re looking at a few scenes from our new home AND many photos from yesterday’s trip to the extraordinary Shalin Liu Performance Center in beautiful Rockport, Massachusetts, where my ex-sister-in-law Deborah and I looked atΒ Jim Messina and his band (which includes Craig Thomas, an old friend of my old friend Dave). During the concert, we looked at the band playing one of my favorite tunes about looking:Β “Angry Eyes” by Jim Messina.

If you look at that video, you’re looking at the same lineup we saw last night and you’re hearing a GREAT sax solo by Craig.

Thanks to all who helped me create this post you’re looking at and — of course! — to you, for looking here, now.


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30 thoughts on “Day 1666: What are you looking at?

  1. I had no idea there was such thing as Shark Week. As usual I’ve found out something new from your posts πŸ˜€

  2. It looks like a happy couple revelling in a rather wonderful new environment

    • Yes, Derrick, and you’re also looking at Craig Thomas and I after the concert last night. Thanks for looking!

  3. Wow for a new house, as you found that there, Ann πŸ™‚
    Not just the house, but this amazing environment and nature so close. Pure healing for the soul πŸ™‚

  4. I appreciated looking at all parts of your world on this day in Ann Koplow’s life with joyful eyes. πŸ€“

  5. Loved your photographic tour today, hehe, are you related to derrickjknight, I’m a fan of his beautiful photographic tours of the English countryside. I’ve always live near the beach/waterside/harbour, and the lifestyle is thoroughly good for ones well-being and soul.

    • Do Derrick and I look alike? I doubt we’re related but I can relate to what you wrote about him — I’m also a fan of his blog. I’m glad you have such wonderful water views to look at every day. I’m so glad to look at your lovely comment!

  6. such beautiful views Ann!

  7. I am looking at you living a grace-filled, light-infused life of joy, harmony and love! How divine!

    • You see harmony, joy, light, love, and grace in those you look at, Louise, because you embody all those wonderful things!

  8. Looking pretty wonderful

  9. “What are you looking at?” is an interesting question to pop up on a computer screen because, if you’re using a flat monitor, you’re seeing a liquid crystal display made up of tiny pixels of red, blue, or green. There’s a lesson in that: there are, in my own monitor, 1,310,720 separate pixels of different colors all working in harmony so, from over a thousand miles away, I can see you smile.

  10. Ann, your pictures show me that I love where you are. What a great place to be.

  11. I am looking at your blog with its bloody great photos on it and the telly as well yes I can do both things

  12. Wow, am I looking at photos of the back of your new home right on the water?

    • No, you are looking at an awesome performance center in Rockport, many miles away from our new home (although they are both on the Atlantic Ocean).


    Ann, Your new surroundings look so wonderful! I liked the summer traffic poster. I think you will become very comfortable in your new town making a million new friendships. I am so happy for you. BTW, do you want your mail bowl? Did you forget it? In any case, enjoy your new place. Love, Karen

    • You’re wonderful, Karen! Those are pictures of Rockport and the amazing performance center there. Have you been? If not, go! Michael and I both believe that you generously loaned that mail bowl to us. We miss you! Love, Ann

  14. Psychologically speaking, as cases of denial go, yours seems to be one of the more benign varieties of the affliction.

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