Day 1664: Q words

Quick! It’s time for another quirky post from the quintessential blog about non-judgmental living.

In her quest to complete my yearly review, my manager recently quizzed a quota of qualified co-workers about me, the self-described Queen of group therapy. In response to that query,  a doctor quietly quipped that I was something that begins with the letter Q.

Question to all my qualified readers:  Is that Q word already quoted in this post or is it one of these?







I have no quarrel with the Q word that was quoted about me, especially since another doctor — who is definitely not a quack —  had no qualms calling me the same Q word quite a few years ago.

Do you see Q words in this quantity of yesterday’s pictures, snapped by a queasy blogger cleaning out her old home?














I saved a small quantity of LPs yesterday, including “Walking in Space” by Quincy Jones (also known as “Q”).

Before I quit, here‘s a quality cut from that album:


Un-qualified thanks to everyone who helped me quietly put together this Q-word post and un-questionable thanks to you, quite the reader!




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32 thoughts on “Day 1664: Q words

  1. No qualms, nor feeling like I’m in a quagmire Ann, when I read your blog. You are the quiet, queen of quality blogging, not a quack.

  2. “Quite the question.” quipped your quiet reader. Queen of the blog I’d say

  3. That is quite a water stain! But, thankfully, it looks relatively easy to repair. I hope the floors are undamaged.

    You are many q words, I would pick quirky, quizzical, quixotic and qualified. But your title must be Queen of Hearts.

  4. You are the queen of quilting quips, no quack, which is why we, your readers, queue up to the quay of your blog to quaff your quirky quicksilver quintessence on a quotidian basis.

    • I queue up to quaff your quicksilver, quality quintessence on a quotidian basis, Qhris. It takes one quirky blogger to know another one.

  5. I can only quickly quip a quacky like response because like the ducks we are nearly floating away or treading gingerly on the quagmire like results of the storm induced habitat we are living in.

  6. I am quite pleased I came here today, no question about that.

  7. You are quintessential quality Ann. Feel the Qi 💫

  8. You are quenchless, Ann

  9. I wasn’t very quick with this comment, Ann, but you do slay your windmills. ❤

  10. I know you’re eminently Qualified, but perhaps also Quixotic? Do you tilt at windmills? I know I do sometimes!

  11. A quality queen, for sure!

  12. I wound up in this queue because I quite love quoting new words but q words give me qualms because they are hard to use in a sentence. And I think your word is Qualified.

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