Day 1662: Pictures taken before disaster strikes

Have you ever been invited to go to a website of pictures taken before disaster strikes? Have you taken the bait to click and look? If so, that’s not a disaster — that’s just the human trait to focus on disaster and catastrophe.

Some of the photos in today’s post ARE pictures taken before disaster strikes.














In yesterday’s therapy group, we discussed how our expectations — including disasters — often don’t turn into reality.  Immediately after that group, I received a call about disaster striking unexpectedly.  When we had extricated our cat Harley from the crawlspace where he was hiding during the move two days before …


… somebody knocked loose an HVAC pipe, which caused significant water damage to the kitchen below.

When I talked to people about that disaster striking, the responses included:

  • “OMG!”
  • “That stinks”
  • “Is your heart okay?”
  • “We were going to remodel the kitchen anyway.”

Considering that the last response was from the person who bought our old place, I guess we’re all going to survive this latest disaster.

Here are more pictures taken immediately before disaster strikes (warning: some disturbing photos, music, and captions included):


For some musical relief from disasters, here‘s  “Pictures at an Exhibition.”

I now expect some comments. I wonder how that will turn out.

Non-disastrous thanks to all who helped me share the words, pictures, and music in today’s post and — of course! — to you, no matter what you expected.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1662: Pictures taken before disaster strikes

  1. I think a few of the pictures anticipated catastrophes

  2. Please don’t take photos of the next thunder and lightening storm! May today be non disastrous 💕

  3. There are a lot of other shoes waiting to fall, Ann. Sorry Harley was so close to that pipe. Yikes!

    (Aaron has a lot of his dad in his face, I might add.)

  4. Dam the torpedos. Full speed ahead!

  5. It looks like that little dark-haired girl from the fairy tale finally did manage to escape the castle and can now see in the eyes of others what an amazing person she is. And in a funny coincidence just this morning I heard Bob Odenkirk say that whenever people tell him he looks great he thinks, “How fat and bald did they expect me to be?” It’s surprising that even compliments can lead to disaster.

  6. The kit hen flood sounds like a real crisis! How stressful. The new owners seem to have taken it very gracefully. What a relief. It must have been a stressful time for them too, but they were kind when they could have been angry. We could all learn from them.

    Harley may benefit from therapy. He sounds a little anxious….

  7. Great topic for a blog post, by the way. (I am going to try to avoid taking, or being the subject of, any photos ever again….)

  8. I take a picture of my screen before hitting publish. That is certainly one taken right before disaster strikes.

  9. Some of these pictures lead me into wondering about the disaster. Just as you suspected ….

  10. Wow, that Harley! He would’ve come out out. His own when he got hungry enough, right? I hope the water damage to the kitchen was minimal. Were you really going to remodel it? If not, “oy, what a nightmare!” If so, “well, let’s get going with it!” That Ann Fairy Tale made me sad, the video made me scared, and the music calmed me down again. Whew!

  11. Oh, I realize after reading the comments that Harley was hiding in the old house. Somehow I thought he was hiding in the new house. Jeez! I too am glad the new owners of your old place are being cool.

  12. Oh my a flood. I hope that was it in terms of plaques my friend 🙂

  13. OOps!!! Plagues my friend, 🙂

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