Day 1660: Moving experiences

 Yesterday’s move entailed many moving experiences, which included:

  1. The piano I’ve played since childhood dangling from a crane as it moved down to the street,
  2. Our cat Harley moving with desperate panic away from the movers into the basement, where he refused to move,
  3. Our cat Oscar cooly moving among the movers as if he owned everybody and everything,
  4. One of the movers showing us a picture of his cat,
  5. My being so moved by my piano landing in our new place that I cried,
  6. Realizing that none of the refrigerators at the new place were working and my moving to call a repair place,
  7. Moving back to the old home to fetch the cats,
  8. Harley moving a solid door to escape into the crawl space under the roof TWICE,
  9. Aaron and Michael moving around the crawl space to find Harley, who did not want to be found or to be moved, 
  10. My inability to locate my heart medicine after we moved, 
  11. A pharmacist movingly giving me a free dosage of Warfarin/Coumadin for the night,
  12. Harley moving under the couch at the new place and then not moving anywhere else,
  13. Oscar moving around the new place like he owned everything and everybody, and
  14. Loving the water moving outside our new home. 

Now I have to move myself out the door for an unfamiliar commute to work, but not before I move some moving pictures here:

Here’s a moving song about going home by Sam Cooke:

Feel free to leave a moving comment about any moving experiences. 

Moving thanks to the wonderful movers from Prime Q moving company, the CVS pharmacist who was moved to give me my dosage of Warfarin, and to you — of course — for moving yourself to my blog, here and now. 

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38 thoughts on “Day 1660: Moving experiences

  1. (((Harley)))

    I love that your piano made it safely to your new home. That was quite an impressive feat! And it is great news that Oscar owns the place.

    You probably don’t know how familiar your old home is to me, through photos. Mostly, the floors and countertops, rather than the outside or a whole room. As ! notice your new floors and windows, I realize that we,your readers, have moved, too –although it required less muscle. I’m glad that you, and we, are surrounded with your familiar things. And Harley, and Oscar.

    Did you figure out what was going on with the fridges?

    • Thanks for this moving comment, Maureen. We did a quick fix on one of the refrigerators. Some of those will be moving soon.

  2. You moved me greatly with today’s post, Ann. Here’s to working refrigerators, located medicines, confident and suspicious cats, comforting piano and the sound of the ocean. Three cheers to your new home, my friend.

  3. Day 1660(6) My sister and her daughter April(Opera singer, coloratura soprano), would be so very impressed with your piano moving, April’s piano has been the subject of several house moves over the last decade, and nothing else matters except the safe migration of “The Piano”. And as for songs about going home, try listening to Leonard Cohen’s sublime song/poem, “Going Home”, beautiful words. And of course, you could read Ivor’s poem “Home” posted on my blog site June 16th, hehe…

  4. Poor Harley. Our Oscar was more like your Harley. He hid under the couch for about two weeks before he deemed the coast clear after we moved.

  5. Wow Ann- this was too much for me and I wasn’t even there!!!! Hope your refrigerator is working and you will settle in with far less drama!!!!

  6. Such drama with the airlift of that piano…wow !

  7. I hope your kitties are settling in. 3 of ours were traumatized for days, but Elliot, of course, thought it was the best thing ever!

  8. Such a moving post. The action was moving apace. I’m glad you got your cats sorted out. Maybe if you’d harnessed them together, they would have balanced out, although neither would have been moved by the experience. Your skillful writing and pictures make me feel like I was there, heart in mouth as piano is dangled high above the ground. Hopefully the fridge situation was resolved. Glad you and yours are in your new home. Hurrah! You did it. Now to dance to Sam Cooke, one of my most favorite artists. He moves me!

  9. Now I’m all teary too–especially about your dear piano and your courageously different cats! Thanks for all the photos and your spectacular list at the top. Right now I’m not moving at all. Just sitting here with my feet up, taking it all in. It’s so moving when so many small and large moments come together to begin a new chapter. πŸ’œ

  10. Happy settling in Ann! And I hope you found your meds quickly!

  11. You made it! I too hope all the obstacles have been overcome. Harley will learn to love his new home, and everyone will find their favorite place for peace and calm in this wonderful new home! Be well, my friend!

  12. I move that we all congratulate you on your move to your new home! Can anyone second that? I’m sure the motion will carry. Enjoy that water view Ann!

  13. I wish I could come up with something more moving…but I’m pooped. But I am VERY glad to see you safely moved, safely medicated, and hopefully enjoying (by the time you read this) a delicious first dinner in your new home.

  14. A successful piano moving story, πŸ‘πŸ»

  15. A little trauma, a little fun, a little kindness, a little uncertainty. Sounds like a move!!! I hope everyone settles in well.

  16. Moving is a big deal and when it is done we often feel exhausted and stressed from the experience

  17. Your experience has moved me Ann. Hope you slept well, and the peeps and cats are settling in πŸ’›

  18. As a young man I used to move pianos with my Dad – sometimes up 2/3 flights of stairs. We could have done with that crane. Be happy

  19. I am moved by Harley’s plight and move to vote you the most organized mover ever!

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