Day 1659: Everything must go

Because today is moving day, everything must go, including everything I photographed yesterday. 

Everything must go, including that important message I wrote yesterday. 

Here’s “Everything Must Go” by Steely Dan, who are everything. 

Before everything must go to our new home by the ocean, I must go to sincere thanks to all who helped me create this everything-must-go post and — of course! — to you, for going with me. 

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37 thoughts on “Day 1659: Everything must go

  1. You’ve got the Write Stuff! Also a good song by The Manics called Everything Must Go

  2. Yep, I had one of those kitchen trolleys, mine was all chrome, but it’s gone, everything must go, sentimental memorabilia, “mostly” it’s gone, everything must go, be gone with you all……. oh well, all you can do is, try your best !! Haha … Enjoy….

  3. Happy Landings!

  4. It’s moving to me that you are movin today! Hurray and congratulations! It is a lot of work plus a lot of joy!

  5. Best today, Ann. The Steely Dan philosophy fits you so very well, indeed.

  6. Good luck today! I am glad you are not moving away from WordPress and look forward to seeing your digs here!

  7. While you’re letting some things go be sure to save a little space for the things that still matter.

  8. Deep breaths, Ann…you’re almost there. (And thanks for the paper message…I still appreciate them).

  9. The big day! Tonight you will sleep next to the ocean. I am so happy for you,

  10. Here is to a smooth move!

  11. You can count on me to wish you well. Happy moving day!

  12. Best wishes for your move.

  13. As long as we go with you…..

    Happy moving day!

  14. Let me guess, it’s done, you ache all over, you can’t find anything, and ate take out and finally took a hot shower and got in bed asking yourself if all this was worth it. And it is! Happy unpacking ❤️,

  15. Things must go from one place to another but as long as you don’t go and don’t come back

  16. If you are reading this …. then I hope everything has gone and arrived Ann. Sleep well by the sea 💕

  17. I’m smitten with the cat picture! (⺣◡⺣)♡

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