Day 1654: What’s wrong with me?

What’s wrong with me, that I keep writing posts with similar titles?

What’s wrong with me, that I feel the need to link to those past posts here, here, and here?

What’s wrong with me, that when I read posts I wrote when I was dealing with so many health problems, I cry?

What’s wrong with me, that I’m having so much trouble sleeping as we prepare to move?

What’s wrong with me, that when I write these blog posts, I have to close one eye to see better, unless I’m wearing my glasses?

What’s wrong with me, that I don’t immediately put on my glasses when I start writing these posts?

What’s wrong with me, that I keep catastrophizing about what’s going to go wrong with the move and with our new place?

What’s wrong with me, that I second guess so many of my decisions, including those I’ve made so far in writing this post?

What’s wrong with me, that I’ve taken to heart some critical comments one person made about my writing when I was in college, which I rediscovered when I was going through old papers in the basement?

What’s wrong with me, that I always share photos I took the day before?






What’s wrong with me, that I’ve saved old get-well cards and my son’s old Halloween costumes, like when he dressed up as static cling?

What’s wrong with me, that I try to include relevant music in my posts? What’s wrong with me, that I thought the title of this song was “(What’s wrong with) Peace Love and Understanding?”

What’s wrong with peace, love, and understanding?  Nothing.

What’s wrong with ending every post with gratitude, when I’m so grateful to all who help me create these posts and to my readers, too?  And I hope you know there’s nothing wrong with you (or with me).  ❤

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48 thoughts on “Day 1654: What’s wrong with me?

  1. I referenced about 6 old posts in my last Pink Floyd exhibition review ha. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you 🙂

  2. Oh my friend there is nothing wrong with you but the emotional upheaval of moving, uncovering objects that remind us of the years that have past, that point out the challenges you faced and overcame, and moving into a new chapter of your life. But you already knew all that- I thought maybe hearing it from someone else would bring it more to light. Thanks for the Nick Lowe- it took me back to when I saw him in concert(many times) so long ago

  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you about any of it, Ann.
    Or that I also like Elvis Costello’s version of the same song.

  4. Nothing! Some of us worry more than others, and often it’s just the fact of having an anxiously predisposed nervous system. This too shall pass, and one day soon you’ll be sipping a nurturing cup of Yogi tea on your deck savoring the water view you’ve so yearned for and have found. Courage!

  5. There’s nothing wrong with you Ann. It’s called stress and anxiety over moving. It’s like renovating our basement so that my father had a decent apartment to move into; however, the anxiety it caused was overwhelming. Having to purge and throw things away was stressful but also lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Now that I’ve brought home more things from school because of my retirement I’m looking at having to do it again. I get your pain but as Sunny said ‘this too shall pass’.

  6. Ha! I ask this question (about myself, not you) at least three times a day. Sometimes what’s wrong with us is what makes us all so interesting, therefore not wrong at all. Except for serial killers. They are wrong.

  7. There’s everything right about your sharing nature, Ann. These tough times will soon be over. Aaron’s Halloween costumes sre hilarious. “Static cling” and the previous one ” Cloudy with a Chance of Showers”. Hang in there. The move will be over soon. Then ahh, put your feet up and watch nature.

  8. You’re right! There’s nothing wrong with you or with me but I’m not sure about them.
    LOL! (●ゝ∀・)ノ

  9. amusingword

    Ann, there’s NOTHING wrong with you. You just seem to be afraid. Stop worrying, it doesn’t change your situation. You can only live one minute at a time. Stop worrying about the future. Plan ahead but so far ahead it seems unreal. Feel the fear and anxiety in your gut? Life foes on no matter what you are feeling, so choose contentment or even happiness from time to time. You must be mentally exhausted sometimes. You seem like a nice person!

  10. That you are feeling overwhelm and anxiety and loss and fear and anticipation and hope all in one big ball of goop – that means it’s all right. That you feel something wrong means you are exactly right.

    Remember to breathe.

  11. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with you; it’s the question that’s wrong. Instead of asking, “What’s wrong with me?” ask, “What’s right with me?” It will be a much longer list, which can be beneficial.

  12. Would it be that you are embarking on one of the most stressful events in life – as if you haven’t weathered enough already?

  13. What’s wrong with you is that you are very human, for which we are ALL grateful. Nothing is worse that someone who doesn’t feel. Or think. Or laugh. Or cry. You are all and everything. Welcome to the human race!

  14. There is nothing wrong with you Ann. Its life throwing so much on your plate right now. Embrace the rollercoaster and accept all the hugs you can get right now.
    (hug)(hug)(hug)(hug)(hug) to you xoxoxoxoxo

  15. What’s wrong with you? You’re human.
    You’re not alone. We all share the same affliction.

  16. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not the only one who has times when they think what is wrong with me

  17. It’s that move. I’d be utterly crazed. So nice to pause for Nick Lowe! Love those songs!

  18. What’s wrong with you is what I would like to be wrong about everyone else. If that’s what being wrong is.

  19. What’s wrong with you is that you are human and have feelings. Your writing means something, so forget about what someone once said, and remember we all have so much gratitude and love for your words and photos. ❤️

    Ps…what’s wrong with me is a question I ask myself daily!

  20. What’s wrong with you? Nothing. We are not perfect. We live in an imperfect word. We have imperfect thoughts. We say and write imperfect things. We do imperfect things. We are imperfect. There is only one who isn’t imperfect.

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