Day 1652: Here and now, there and then

Here and now, we’re getting ready to move, so I’m unearthing many memories from there and then.

There and then, I’ve created my own t-shirts.


The first t-shirt I ever created, there and then, had the Chinese name for Jackie Chan (“become the dragon”). There and then I loved that t-shirt, especially because I was born in the Year of the Dragon.

Here and now are more memories from there and then.


















I hope it’s okay, here and now, that I include three musical numbers from there and then (here, here, here and now on YouTube).

In the words of Pat Metheny, “We Live Here.”  Together.

As always, I express thanks to those who helped me create this then-and-there, here-and-now post and to you — of course! — for being here, now.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1652: Here and now, there and then

  1. This post moves ME, Ann. ❤

  2. Moving time – falling down rabbit holes, left right and center! Enjoy the journeys! (I miss 2008, so very, VERY much!)

  3. Wow, that’s a lot to start with this morning, Ann, but I’m here now.
    Love the treasures you’ve unearthed.
    Have a good week, fellow dragon.

  4. Oh dear! I cringe to think of all the things that have to be changed to make a move complete! My cats are microchipped, and there’s im=nformation that has to be changed on those.

    While most “change’s of address” can be handled simply, I recall my bank getting huffy because I didn’t use their “official” change of address form, which had exactly the same required information on it as I put on an informal one. Good grief!

    The people handling a small retirement account require a huge amount of information to affect change.

    Social Security? I tried changing my address by phone, waited three times for 20 minutes each time, only to have the phone disconnect! I ended up driving sixty miles to the nearest SS office, had to declare my reason for being there to an excessively aggressive guard.

    (“Sir, I am a United States of America citizen taking care of a simple change of address. Please remove your hand from the gun in its holster!” That’s what I wanted to say, but the hand on the gun was alarming…. I said I needed to talk with someone about changing my address.)

    Once he knew I left my suicide vest at home and left the AK-47 and 2000 rounds of ammunition in my car, he pleasantly notified me that the lady I needed to talk with was on the phone, and that he’d let her know I was there for an address change. JEEZ!

    (It took her less than five minutes to chat pleasantly with me, then make the changes on her computer, and me about two and a quarter hours to driving plus waiting on top of the wasted hour trying to change the address by the logical, simple phone call earlier.)

    I hope your transition to the seaside was much simpler!

    • I’m still here away from the seaside and won’t be there until next week. I hope our transition is easier! ❤

  5. Today’s pictures made me think of Kurt Vonnegut’s Tralfamadorians who could see all of time at once. They could look at history the same way we look at the Grand Canyon. It now occurs to me how wonderful that could be. We are the sum of our memories and can take the good of every moment in our lives and live in them all at once.
    This though expires 7/11/∞.

  6. Aaron’s gifts are so wonderful! Did you ever claim all of them?

  7. I love these. I have a trunk full of old memories in the attic. I’ll get it down every now and then just to go through it. Did you ever collect on that free invention? 3750 is just around the corner you know.

  8. Thanks for sharing your ‘now and then, here and there’ post!♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

  9. Such great memories and vintage clothing! I laughed to see expiry dates on your hug coupon. Hope it has automatic refill. Lots to think about. Lists helped me stay on track. Course you fill them out there and then and hope you can find them here and now! Fingers crossed.

  10. Loved the Jackie Chan clip you included – that one moved me! 😀

  11. oh my gosh that coupon to spend a Saturday with Aaron that never expires- THE BEST!!!!! They are all great. You should frame them 🙂

  12. I love Jackie Chan.

    But not as much as I love Aaron’s coupons!!! (Though expired, I’m glad you hung on to them.)

  13. I do love those all those gift certificates, noting some that expire and some that don’t. Lot’s of memories. I’d claim a Saturday, if I were you!

  14. Another great post I am here now and I like what I am seeing while here just so you know

  15. After Jackie had been regularly patronising the Hordle Chinese Take Away for more than a year, the very chatty proprietor announce that it was time to learn each other’s names. “I’m Chan”, he said……….

  16. What an amazing kid Aaron was, and what a cool young man he has become! Good job, mama! Boy, do I recall sorting through things a couple of years ago as we decluttered the Brooklyn apartment to prepare to stage it for showing, and then the mad dash to sell, donate, gift and discard everything else we couldn’t use here in PA.That last day after we sold I was stuffing drool-adorned pillows and tattered throws into the garbage can while our realtor was carrying the flat screen TV down to the Prius and wrestling it into the back seat. This past weekend I tackled the 100 or so dusty CDs we never listen to now that we have Amazon Prime Music and Sirius radio in home and cars. I found a site that will buy them, wth free shipping. You enter the barcode and they tell you what you’ll get. I’ve entered in 53 so far and have amassed the fortune of $10.99. If you have such a need, it’s! They buy DVDs too. ❤️

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