Day 1651: Moving experiences

We’re moving. How do you experience moving?  Most people find moving a stressful experience.

Moving often involves letting go of old stuff, which can be a moving and emotional experience.


Yesterday, I was moving, packing up, and recycling many things in our basement, including that chart of emotions I used when my son Aaron was very young.  I was moved by many of the emotions on that chart as I sorted through what we had moved down into the basement during our last moving experience.


I have excuses and alibis for including the seven videos below  — moving on YouTube herehere, here, here, here,  here,  and here  –because of all the moving memories I experienced yesterday.

If you want to share your experience of this post, please move down to the comments section below.

Moving thanks to all who helped me experience all those moving memories yesterday and inspired me to create today’s post. More moving thanks to you — of course! — for bringing your moving experiences here, now.


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30 thoughts on “Day 1651: Moving experiences

  1. koolaidmoms

    I love that you took pictures of lots of items. We moved 600 miles and I got rid of tons of items from when my kids were little. I wish I had taken some pictures now.

  2. Moving can be stressful, Ann, surely. On the other hand, take a look at my dear wife Karen when we walked into our new kitchen after closing last October …

  3. What a moving and poignant post. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Moving and being moved changes our outlook on things, including the past. I hope you enjoy your new outlook.

  5. I’m sure you went through every emotion on the page and more yet to come. A huge job but you can do it! It will be so good when you’re done and watching the water from your new perch. Be strong.

  6. In this in-between place, there are certainly memories and lots of emotions. Better keep that first chart in case you, Michael and Aaron need to identify what comes up. I love all the things you took photos of Ann. It’s very moving 💕

  7. Aw I love going through old stuff that’s been packed away for decades. I did this with my parents a few months ago and like for you, so much of the past came up from letters written by my deceased grandparents, my dad’s first engineering project, and even old love letters between my parents when they were oceans apart. But moving can definitely be stressful! Hopefully if you’re a pack rat like me you’ll keep all the good stuff!

  8. Oh, such a lot of memories! That’s the thing about moving. And Aaron looks like a pixie in his childhood photos.

  9. I experience moving as little as possible. 🙂

    And that redheaded boy is adorable. 😉

  10. I have not moved in 29 years have no plans to move again, as a child I only moved house three times, moving can be stressful

  11. I have moved 12 times in 27 years of marriage. Two of those were out of country. There aren’t enough emoticons to cover the range of feelings I experienced over the years…much luck to you!

  12. Such a moving post! ───==≡≡ΣΣ(っ´∀`)っ

  13. May all go smoothly

  14. Moving for me is an stressful process – i feel you and your post touched me

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