Day 1650: If you’re feeling down

What do you do if you’re feeling down?

Sometimes, if I’m feeling down, I go to a favorite restaurant. Last night, when Michael and I were at our favorite Chinese restaurant, I looked down and saw this:


Things DO look up if you look up an old friend. Try it if you’re feeling down.

When I was younger, I’d escape in a book if I was feeling down.

These days, blogging and taking pictures are a perfect cure for feeling down.
















Those of us who are down with taking Coumadin  need to get our blood checked regularly. A perfect INR  of 3.1 —  not too down and not too up —  is another perfect cure for feeling down.

If I’m feeling down, sometimes I wear interesting socks.


My Coumadin nurse, Kathleen, looked down yesterday and felt less down when she saw my socks.

That’s Kathleen, looking down at her phone as she takes a picture of those socks and sends it to her old friend who was feeling down sitting in a bullsh*t meeting at the hospital.

I also listen to music if I’m feeling down.

If you’re feeling down (or up), please look down and leave a comment. If I’m feeling down, I read your comments and feel better.

If I’m feeling down, expressing gratitude always helps.


Warmest thanks to all who helped me create everything in this down-and-up post and — of course! — to you, for being awesome.


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36 thoughts on “Day 1650: If you’re feeling down

  1. nageshkvadhera

    Nice jot.

    • Nice up comment!

      • nageshkvadhera

        Thank you for visiting my blog. Like, comment, follow and share for new Volumes. Have a wonderful day…

      • *Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Please do ‘★ LIKE’ the post if you found it to be useful.Your comments, suggestions, criticism and all opinions are very much appreciated. Please do write your queries in the Reply/comments section and I will try to get back to you asap.

  2. Thank you for being awesome and having awesome socks.

  3. “Don’t let it bring you down
    It’s only castles burning
    Just find someone who’s turning
    And you will come around.” NY

  4. You left me feeling up, Ann, spurring a visit to my old friend Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra.

  5. Sometimes when I’m feeling down just the right music can help.

  6. You are such a down-to-earth person.🍷🐾✌️

  7. I find it hard to feel down when fresh blueberries are in season.

    Where do you find your opinionated socks?

  8. I come here to find a friend.

  9. I read, sometimes go out to garden or kayak, call a friend, cook a nice meal. I hope all these comments put you up. I think I may need those socks…

  10. But what if the old friend is annoying and you can only stand them for a short period of time before you want them to be an absent old friend

    • Then you get down to the business of self-care, Joanne, and if the old friend is on the phone you say, “I have to hang up now.”

  11. love those socks! When I’m down I always head for the mall 🙂

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  13. I try to look up

  14. Gosh …no way could I be down today having read this post Ann. You are a wonderful antidote when I am feeling down. Thank you 💛

  15. Of course reading your blogs is perfect thing to read when I’m feeling down! Of course you knew I’d say that….

  16. Hopefully, if you were feeling down, you’re not any more. That’s not the vibe I’m getting here!

  17. Amber Glow

    Love those socks! Super sweet!
    When I feel down, like you’ve mentioned, reading books help me a lot, as does music! 🙂

  18. heartfeltt

    so much love! Your photos-post brings joy.

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