Day 1648: Personal Space

Yesterday,  several persons had the personal space in the group therapy space at work to discuss their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and needs regarding personal space.

Personally,  I’m glad I have the personal space to share  photos in this blogging space.




I’ll take some personal space to explain that the objects taking up personal space in the upper left corner of my personal Home for Missing Objects, above,  are socks I’m personally missing.

In the personal space of my office, persons often  discuss how fears can take up too much personal space unless we counter those old fears with helpful thoughts in the personal space of our minds.


Other people’s unsolicited advice can also take up too much personal space.


“I see how well that worked out for you!” — which is taking up personal space on my white board — is one way to assert your  personal space in response to unhelpful, judgmental advice.  I shall now take up personal space here with an example of that:

Advice giver:  I can’t believe you’re still single! You need to get married if you want to be happy.

Advice hearer: I see how well that worked out for you!

Here are some other photos taking up personal space on my iPhone:










That last photo shows a bumper sticker taking up personal space on a car in front of me in traffic.

I hope you have the personal space to express your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and needs regarding personal space in the comment space below.

My old friend Dave took up some personal space yesterday sharing new versions of two Jaco Pastorius tunes. (I’ve taken up personal space in this blog personally writing about Jaco Pastorius here and here.) The late, great Jaco and the late, great Toots Thielmans  are taking up personal space on YouTube with one of those tunes (here and here ).

I’d like to take up a little more of your personal space expressing my personal thanks to all who helped me create yet another personal post and — of course! — to you, for taking up all the personal space you need.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1648: Personal Space

  1. You win the space race today, Ann. That’s my personal opinion.

  2. thanks for helping to fill some of our personal space. it is so interesting for me to see, each and every year, what kind of personal space each kinder and pre-kinder needs on our circle rug. already at 3-5 years old, each person has their own comfort zone.

  3. part 2: one year, when we had a large amount of children who struggled with this, we had everyone sit in their own hula hoop. for some it gave them a feeling of safety and comfort, and others hated it and crossed over and out of their hoop. so interesting to watch.

  4. So many good things taking up space on your post today Ann. I love the idea of having a personal space for missing items! Thank you, as always for creating space for us 💕

  5. I’m so grateful to share my personal space with you this morning Ann. — I’m glad ksbeth’s response is also taking up some of my personal space! Love it!

  6. Ann Cooplow, I hope you always take up all the personal space you wish to. The world will be better for it.

  7. What a nice way to start my morning. In my personsl space, drinking coffee and rummaging around in Ann’s blog with her smooth as silk musical selections. Thanks Ann. Enjoy your personal space today too. Good luck finding those socks!

  8. (థฺˇ౪ˇథ)→Spacey

  9. Very good personal post today taking up space on my iPad, appropriately, Ann! Cool tune, too!

  10. Fears take up personal space. You make me think every single day. Thank you.

  11. Last night I finished a piece in my pottery class and my instructor asked what I was going to do with it. “Put it in a box in the attic with everything else I’ve made,” I said. Everyone was horrified that I don’t have a personal space to display my work. And now I’m reminded that maybe I need some space to call my own.

  12. Lovely floor detailing and lights, by the way.

  13. Nice floors in that personal space!! I like a calm, relatively ordered personal space and I’d be one of the kids sitting happily inside the hula hoop.

  14. I wonder why visitors often gravitate to my chair which I regard as my personal space. Jackie says it is because it is in the corner which offers the best view of everywhere in the room. I never thought of that 🙂

  15. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay personal spayse!!! i need it too!!! in fakt i hav a jakkit wot i yoozed to ware at the harbor wot sed i wuz a shy dog and needed spayse!!! ummm unfortchoonatly sum peepul kannot reed i gess!!! ok bye

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