Day 1647: Realize how good you really are

Yesterday, I realized, again, how good my ex-in-laws really are. The really good Julie and Kevin


hosted a really good July 4th party. I realized how good Kevin — who challenged my boyfriend Michael to a future cook-off —  really is at preparing food and also protecting his clothing.

Julie is really good at helping people realize how good they really are . (If you click on that really good link, you’ll be connected to her really good site, the Joy Source.) I’m sure Julie chose this really good sign for her really good home.


Julie and her family also realize how good it really is to have lots of cats.


I would like to realize how good I really am at taking pictures of really good parties.






Later, I realized how  good our new home by the sea really is for viewing the Boston July 4th fireworks.


For a long time, I’ve realized how good the Boston fireworks really are.


If you are very doubtful about how good you really are, please join with me and Julie in realizing it, once and for all.

I realize how good expressing thanks really is, so thanks to Julie, Kevin, their cats, the city of Boston, everybody else who helped me realize this post, and — of course! — to you, for how good you really are.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1647: Realize how good you really are

  1. I had a really good time reading your post this morning, Ann. You put me in a really good mood on the way to work. You went to a really good party and enjoyed your really good new house by the ocean on our country’s really good holiday and shared it in a really GREAT way. Thank you!

  2. I think this is a really good post Ann, with really good photos of the really good things hanging around your really good ex inlaws home. But I think ex is not a really good way to describe them seeing as they are really good people- former? ex husband’s relatives? Well don;t want to put a damper on a really good post and thanks for the really good fireworks!

  3. Every day I realize how good you are at taking fun and thought-provoking pictures, as well as how good you are at writing blog posts. Just today, however, I realize how good it is to be reminded of how good something is. It’s good to enjoy something, but even better to be aware of that enjoyment because that makes it easier to carry the happiness forward.

  4. Really good post! ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

  5. I took a picture of her “Realize how good you really are” sign too 🙂 Glad you were there! ❤

  6. I love the message and will try to internalize it.

  7. I realize how I’m really good at getting behind on my blog reading and how really good it is to be back here.

  8. julie Mcgrath

    Thank you for joining us! Thank you for being wonderful you!! What a great blog!

  9. A bloody great post

  10. A great message and reminder. You are so good Ann 💛

  11. I realized when I very first read you how good you are. Then I realized how good that is, for me. ❤

  12. Julie’s book looks really good. I’ve ordered it and it is promised to arrive in my birthday.

    Also, your water view is breathtaking. After all the hard work of looking and not finding, you found it. Congratulations and a belated happy fourth of July.

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