Day 1646: Very Doubtful

After all these years of blogging daily, it’s very doubtful I would start a post without a relevant photo.


I’m very doubtful that any of my readers have a fortune-telling Magic 8-Ball as old as mine. My old Magic 8-Ball  responded “Very Doubtful” yesterday when I asked it a question about our upcoming move to a new home.

Big changes like a move can make people very doubtful, because of all the stress involved. Right now, I’m very doubtful about a lot of things.  Are you?

Are you very doubtful about any of my other photos from yesterday?








I’m very doubtful  you can see the excellent piece of halibut on the plate that Michael served last night.

I’m also very doubtful that you noticed the question “What is Fruitcake Anyway?” in one of my other photos above. Most people I know are very doubtful about fruitcake.

While I may be very doubtful about many things these days, I’m not very doubtful that my health today is better than it was a year ago.  On July 4th 2016, I was in a hospital Emergency Room with fevers that turned out to be from pneumonia and heart failure and it was very doubtful  I’d be able to see the Boston fireworks at all. Today, it’s very doubtful I won’t have a view of the fireworks much better than that from a hospital window.

I’m very doubtful  I’ll get lots of comments about this post. Why?  Because it’s a holiday in the U.S. and as I expressed above

 Right now, I’m very doubtful about a lot of things.  Are you?

I’m very doubtful  any other blog writer would quote herself.

It’s very doubtful I would forget to include a very doubtful YouTube video

or my non-doubtful thanks to all, including YOU, my guests.


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18 thoughts on “Day 1646: Very Doubtful

  1. Even though it’s a holiday, or perhaps because it’s a holiday, I’m happy to have come here, and while I had no doubt I would leave a comment it wasn’t until I reached the last picture that I knew why. For the halibut, of course.

  2. I have no doubt that your moves are good, Ann. Happy Fourth, my friend.

  3. Hey, Ann – I just want you to know that even when I don’t keep up with ur posts or anybody’s atm, I so appreciate your incredible humour, courage and resilence. Much love to you!

  4. I am glad you are feeling better than last year. Happy 4th July. 😊

  5. Happy and better than last years 4th of July Ann!!!!! 🙂

  6. I’m very doubtful that we’re going to get through the evening without our dog being upset by fireworks! After all your went through last year, it must truly be a celebration this year! 🙂

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  8. I’m not the least bit doubtful that it’s awesome that you’re so much better this year than last! I hope you enjoyed the fireworks.

  9. A doubtful face! ↷( ó╻ò)

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