Day 1643: Badly

Because the word “badly” appeared  in a recent badly written tweet, I am badly focusing on it today.

I sometimes badly worry that I

  • suffer fools badly,
  • communicate badly,
  • do my hair badly,
  • exercise badly,
  • snack badly,
  • decide badly,
  • speak badly,
  • write badly,
  • draw badly,
  • understand badly,
  • assert myself badly,
  • drive badly,
  • park badly,
  • pack badly,
  • cook badly,
  • bake badly,
  • hear badly,
  • see badly,
  • clean badly,
  • organize badly,
  • feel badly,
  • move badly,
  • age badly,
  • remember badly,
  • interrupt badly,
  • comment badly,
  • dance badly,
  • play musical instruments badly,
  • sing badly,
  • sleep badly,
  • choose badly, and
  • photograph badly.


That turkey was limping badly yesterday. I badly hope it’s okay.

When I badly worry that I’ve done something badly, I barely remember this goodly mantra: It’s good enough and I can make it better.

I shall now badly share some music by Badly Drawn Boy.

By the way, because my laptop is behaving badly, I am badly blogging today on my iPhone.

And, yes, I badly want comments on this post.

Bigly thanks to all who helped me create this badly post and — of course! — to my readers, whom I need badly.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1643: Badly

  1. It just occurred to me: if I was in the middle of moving, I’d badly want to do anything BUT write a blog post because I’d be behaving badly. You are amazing. Thanks for your devotion!

  2. Worrying too badly about doing badly things is not too goodly thing.

  3. I madly admire your thoughts and photos, Ann. Every dang day.

  4. Sleep badly.

    I’m so excited for your goodly things!

  5. Debbie Terman

    I assume many of those photos are from your new house? It’s beautiful! (BTW My daughters love the purple closet.) Wishing you great happiness there (with as few things as possible going badly).

  6. Your post is goodly done!

  7. Thanks, I badly needed that cautionary tale. It’s nice to see your bad assed neighbours are checking you out. Hope you don’t turn into a turkey ER. That could be a bad situation. Interferes with peaceful coffee on the porch.

  8. Thank you! I need a good laugh badly. 🙃🐾😻

  9. Marcia Dubreuil

    Hey Ann, I really love your new house!! The lame wild turkey and the ducky in the hydrangea might have to stay. The grotto fountain, which always seems like a good idea at the time, definitely has to go. Congratulations!

    • Even if the fountain has a colored light, Marcia? I feel badly about that, but I think you’re probably right. Love, Ann

  10. I’m sure you remember Steven Wright’s joke, “When people ask me if I slept well I say, ‘No, I made a couple of mistakes.'” I’m quoting from memory, which I sometimes do badly, but I’m pretty sure I got it right, or at least right enough this time. Sometimes there’s an advantage to doing things badly: you can make a joke of it.

  11. Blogging on an iPhone is something I can’t do, even badly. I think your pics are always interesting.

  12. This post wasn’t done badly, me, I do lots of things badly like diet

  13. Missed you badly so came back here to see what you were up to! ♡
    Diana xo

  14. I’m sure you have not chosen your new abode badly

  15. Badly happens … yet I cannot bring myself to like the word muchly. 😎

  16. That’s a goodly list of badlys at the top, Ann. Overall I empathize with most of it, in a muchly goodly way. Life is so complicated, don’t you think? 💜

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