Day 1642: Self Centered

Welcome to another self centered post here at the Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.


Notice how self centered this post is already?

Yesterday, I told  people in therapy sessions not to judge themselves for being self centered.  How could we not be self centered? If we don’t put ourselves in the center of our own lives, who will?

I, myself, constantly witness people judging themselves very harshly for being self centered, labeling themselves too selfish, too self-absorbed and even narcissistic.  This is what I tell those selves:

“If you worry about being a narcissist, you’re not.”

I know my self well enough to know I’m not  a narcissist, even though I’ve stopped worrying about that.

Here are some self centered photos from yesterday:











Michael himself centered that delicious food on a plate for me last night after my self-centered therapy group.

Here’s some Self Centered Blues:


This self is looking forward to some self centered comments, below.

Thanks to all the selves who helped my self create another self centered post and to you — of course! — for being your self.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1642: Self Centered

  1. Great post that reminds me of something one of my daughters used to say, “Dad, sometimes, it really is just about me.”

  2. Like the sweetness in the center of chocolates. There’s nothing wrong with that 💕
    Thank you for sharing your self centered self today. Its always yummy!

  3. Your sense of proper self-positioning will help at the center and the fringes of life, Ann.

  4. I would like to center myself.

  5. I so agree to you. Nothing wrong in giving ourselves love and priority

  6. Is there anyone else? 🙂

  7. People used to believe the Earth was the center of the universe. Galileo got in a lot of trouble when he published an argument that the tides proved the Earth orbited the Sun rather than the other way around. The funny thing is Galileo was right about the Earth’s orbit, but the tides don’t really prove it. He was right but for the wrong reason.
    That’s something I try to keep in mind if I ever get too self-centered.

  8. I think the compassion to one’s self is the hardest for me. There’s no stopping that guilt feeling for allowing myself to feel ‘for me’. But I think I’m getting better. I think….the process I’ve developed for growing up, finally, is helping. 😉

    • The compassion for one’s self is the hardest for many people, especially those selves who are compassionate to others — like you, Colleen. I, myself, am thrilled that you’re getting better at placing yourself more in the center.

      • I’m working on it….but it’s not easy. Like you said. I have a feeling that you understand much of how I feel without me having to even tell you.

  9. I’m glad you’re centered in your life, as you should be, and if I were you I’d be centered on the plate of lovely food Michael prepared for you!

    • I, myself, am very centered on the delicious food Michael prepares. Thanks for centering yourself in this lovely comment, Sunny!

  10. I am not sitting in judgment other than to myself. I’ve found self-centeredness to be more crippling than my polio. Yet when centered in God…Oh, how freeing.

  11. Derrick made me laugh. I do love the self-centered blues. You might also like this Marcia Ball rendition of If it ain’t one thing…

  12. This post threw me overboard and left me thinking, “Hey, you’re right! I’m self-centered too!” ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

  13. DearEmpathLoveAlwaysYourself – Letters To MOM, From A Daughter of A Narcissistic Mother

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