Day 1635: Whatever it is, love it.

Whatever my daily blogging topic is, I love it.

Whatever my emotion is, I love it.

Whatever the day brings, I love it.

Whatever people say to me, I love it.

Whatever I see, I love it.















Whatever irony there is, I love it.

Whatever I hear, I’m perfectly free to love it.

Whatever you think about this post, I love it.

Whatever gratitude I express to those who help me blog daily and — of course! — to you, my readers, I hope you love it.



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25 thoughts on “Day 1635: Whatever it is, love it.

  1. What wonderful sidewalk chalk drawings those are Ann!

  2. Hard not to ❤ the irony. Enjoy your day, m'dear.

  3. Love and the near-Beatles is all you need sometimes, Ann.

  4. There’s some wonderful weirdness in those chalk drawings, and when the going gets weird the weird turn professional.

  5. That was some of the best irony! I loved it 🙂

  6. (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

  7. I love those chalk drawings. Beautiful. 😊

  8. I love that chalk “Sunny” on the sidewalk! Thanks for taking a photo of it! I also love that you love what you are experiencing in the moment, because it just is, even anger. How refreshing an idea. Btw, in my dotage I find myself talking to things, like the packing tape that got hung up on itself and required major picking at to free. It shaped up and I thanked it!

  9. You and your posts are easy to love. ❤️

  10. If we can love our lives and ourselves we will be so much happier

  11. Love it Ann! And I love that I can catch up a bit now 💕

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