Day 1632: This place matters

This place matters, because we’re here, now.

Your place matters, no matter where you are.

This place in downtown Boston matters:


The place where I’m writing this blog matters, even though we’re leaving it this summer. Yesterday, I took care of legal matters in selling this place.


The law matters, every place.

My office —  where people learn to recognize and reduce  cognitive distortions — matters.



I placed that sign back up on my office wall yesterday, because those cognitive distortions matter. Does it matter that I’ve placed parentheses around the feelings caused by those all-too-common human and automatic thoughts?

Do these photos of other places matter?




The meals that Michael places on our plates matter, because they are SO delicious.

Searching “this place” on YouTube matters.

When I was in a difficult place as a kid, seeing David McCallum on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. mattered a lot to me.

Your comments make this place matter much, much more.

Gratitude matters!  That’s why I place it at the end of every post.  Many thanks to all who help me place my daily blog on WordPress and — of course! — to you, for placing yourself here.

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26 thoughts on “Day 1632: This place matters

  1. Yes! I loved David MCallum. And Roger Moore on The Saint. It mattered to me seeing The Monkees every Saturday morning and The Partridge Family every evening. Things that break the monotony of a sometimes unhappy life do matter. You matter. This matters. We matter. We are matter and that must matter. 😀

  2. Luis Del Castillo

    Your blog matters!

  3. Your way matters much to me, Ann. Has anybody in Boston ever tried to start a restaurant named Illegal Seafoods (Prices so Low It’s a Crime), I ask? I don’t think it would matter to the business of Legal Seafood.

  4. Everything we experience matters, all the people we meet matter, everything is important and it all affects our lives.

  5. your blog matters to me! 😄 pictures, positive words and all. 😊

  6. It’s always good to find a place that matters to you, which reminds me of one of Australia’s half-dozen “unofficial” national anthems.

  7. Michael can come cook for me any time!

  8. Congrats on selling the old house and buying the new house! Your goals are almost attained! My dad was a self-employed architect, and when his work was slow in the 60s, he worked as a set designer for MGM and then 20th Century Fox. He brought me to work a couple of times and took me on the sets of TV shows “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” and “Peyton Place”, and the 3/4-scale Lower East Side set of “Hello Dolly”. Thanks for triggering happy daddy memories the day after Father’s Day!

  9. It must have been all that floppy blond hair. I liked David McCallum, too. There were a lot of spy shows, then. Your meals certainly matter. They look yummy. And your blog matters!

  10. Most places matter, some more than others, some we wonder why they matter but they do and that is that

  11. ” Somehow reading some of those all-too-human thought patterns listed under the heading of “cognitive disorders,” reminds me to occasionally inventory my thought habits! I dabble in some of those disorders from time to time! Place does matter, Ann. I’m confident of that. How exciting that your new place is waiting for you. 🙂

  12. So many matters that matter! Your matters make me think, or smile, or dream. Looking forward to what matters today!!!!

  13. The place where Eric Burdon comes regularly to mind is The Rising Sun Inn just up the road.

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