Day 1631: See

See, I’ve already written several posts with the word “See” in the title (see Day 1354: See the love in everything, see Day 1245: What we choose to see, see Day 1202: Share how you see the world, and see Day 610: See the world). When I look at those previous posts, I see how my blogging style and choices have changed over the years. You might not see the differences, but I do.

See, the main reason I’m writing today’s “See” post is because yesterday I saw my friend Deb and we went to SEE in Harvard Square to seek new eyeglasses. See, Deb (who I’ve seen for about 50 years) and I  see eye-to-eye about many things, including  how great the frames are at SEE. Deb and I are a little concerned we won’t see each other as much when I move near the sea, but I see lots of fun times for us in the future.

Would you like to see the photos from SEE?





Do you see Christina in that last photo?  She works at SEE and is also a counseling and psychology graduate student at Lesley University. I could see a lot of great qualities in Christina that will serve her well when she sees clients in the future.

Would you like to see my other photos from yesterday?





Can you see “Happy Father’s Day” in that sign above?  I don’t get to see my late father any more, but it makes me happy to see him in this old photo of us.


I see that YouTube has this song, which I remember my father singing.

I’ll be seeing you in your comments, below.

See, I am very grateful to all who helped me see and share all the elements of this post and — of course! —  to you, for seeing my blog, here and now.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1631: See

  1. A fun post to see. 🙂

  2. I think you frame life wonderfully, Ann.

  3. I see a wonderful friendship with Deb! I myself am blessed with friendships that go back to the nursery on my church, virtually 68+ years! Other friendships go back to when I was 2 years old, 67 years.

    I see you matching these friendships in length of time, and your move to the seaside shouldn’t make a difference so much as create a new way to share yourself with your friend Deb!

    Best wishes for the future of your long friendships! I know you see they are the best of all!

  4. …in my church…

  5. I see in everything you post, your beautiful heart, your loving nature and your whimsical essence.

  6. Funny how Father’s Day is the same around the world,but Mother’s Day has 2 different days.

  7. Lovely father and daughter photo

  8. During a check-up I had to get my eyes dilated and I went to dinner afterward. The bright halos around every light were so amazing I was sad when the effect wore off. What stayed with me, though, is how little it takes to see the world in a completely different way.

    • I had my eyes dilated last week, Chris — yet another example of our seeing the world similarly. It’s always great to see you here.

  9. I see my way to this uplifting corner of the world every day ❤

  10. I do think the cat needs a new hat! ; )

  11. I see you Ann.💕

  12. I like seeing most things, one thing I have only seen once is a dead body and that was my mother in-law we arrived after she had passed, so many people look but not see things, I am glad I came and saw things here this morning

  13. It’s nice to see you and your father sitting together. You’ve got that “I’m with my Dad!!” look on your face. And the eyeglass company must have some pretty cool frames!

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