Day 1627: Love, Validation

As I was reading the news online this morning, I felt many painful emotions. Then, I saw this headline:

Two-Headed Porpoise Just Wants Love, Validation

And I thought, “That two-headed porpoise is just like us.”

I just want love, validation for these photos I took recently.










Did you notice any love or validation in those pictures?

I looked for love, validation on YouTube and found this

and this:

I wonder: will there be any love, validation in the comments for this post?

Love, validation, and thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog and — of course! — to YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 1627: Love, Validation

  1. Aw, adorable. Yes, we all want love 💕

  2. I love your photos, always, Ann, and feel especially validated by a certain grinning pooch today. ❤

  3. Why do people sometimes feel they don’t deserve love and validation? It’s a difficult question and one that, if we could answer it, might help us better offer love and validation. And maybe it could help those who need it accept the love and validation offered.

  4. Ann…I’m down with Validation. Naomi Feil speaks of it in relation to the elderly, especially those suffering with dementia. They need lots of hugs, but mostly to be heard. They need help sorting out their lives, and we can help by validating their process. I believe that “love is all there is,” and I’m willing to share.

    I like all your pictures today, mainly because you “chose” them with your genuine spirit. Oh! I’m also highly visual. Pictures speak!

  5. Consider yourself validated. All you have to do is accept the love. Wanting just leaves us waiting. 😊💕

  6. Well I hope we aren’t too much like the two headed porpoise since it is no longer alive, but my love for your posts are definitely valid.

  7. Moonwatcher51

    Yes you are a worthwhile stop in my morning stroll. I really enjoy what you have to say and show us. Thanks Ann.

  8. I was fascinated with the two-headed porpoise, and the accompanying headline really grabs attention. Creatures great and small all need love. And I’d definitely be in to give that adorable dog some love. Such a sweetie undoubtedly returns that love beautifully, too!

  9. That page from Handling Mistakes is so valid. I spent much time with people who only felt loved for what they did, rather than who they were

  10. I fully support the truth and value of you!!!!

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