Day 1626: Emotions

I am having some emotions as I discover that I, a licensed psychotherapist, have not yet written a blog titled “Emotions” during all these years of blogging non-judgmentally.

What emotions do you think those would be?  Anger?  Sadness? Fear?  Happiness?  Surprise?  Is surprise an emotion?


Surprise! We focused on emotions during a therapy group yesterday.


Do you have any emotions when you see all the topics we could have focused on instead?  (I have some emotion about the lack of focus in that photograph.) (Is disappointment an emotion?  Is embarrassment an emotion?)

Do you have any emotions about all the questions I’m asking?  Any emotions about my other photos from yesterday?




IMG_1655      IMG_1657       IMG_1658



This photo of a tissue box in my office …


reminds me that I try to let people know that expressions of sadness and other feelings are all welcomed.

I have emotions when I notice mistakes …


… and I also have emotions when I listen to music.

No matter what emotions you’re feeling now, I hope you know they’re all welcomed here. And if you leave a comment about emotions, my emotion will be happiness.

Emotional thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course!! (Is gratitude an emotion? Is enthusiasm? What would you include on a list of emotions?)

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35 thoughts on “Day 1626: Emotions

  1. I’m not sure what emotion it would be, but I’m focused on the spelling error on the Marquee. FOTD is a great song from a great album. Going to listen to “American Beauty” later today and I have the same box of tissues on my desk.

  2. I’m just going to change your sign copy a little bit to make it read better, the boss should have said. Or maybe the slogan maker ran out of o’s, Ann?

  3. I can’t decide: I’m either worried about the person without the socks, or I’m amused at the novel solution to airing them out. Enjoy your day, Ann. 🙂

  4. I always heard the lyrics of”Just the Motion” as “Just the Emotion.” 🙂

    Just the Motion

  5. Just glad to have a chance to come by this way Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  6. There have been times when I thought I’d be better off without emotions but then I thought, how would I feel without them?

  7. emotions can be so overwhelming at time, so easy to disassociate. I’ve been working on accepting and being one with emotions. tough.

  8. “Diversifying self-worth.”
    Hmm. Is intrigued an emotion?

    • I am emotionally glad you asked the question, Alice. Somebody was talking in my office about the wish to diversify the sources of their feelings of self-worth. In other words, they wanted their sense of self worth not to be reliant on relationships and work. I think diversifying self-worth is a worthy goal.

  9. Emotions are good, sometimes we need a good cry to make us feel better, sometimes we need a good laugh and as long as we feel something we are doing ok we don’t need to feel great all the time

  10. Is ‘horror’ an emotion? With all of the tragedy in the last 24 hours it’s been, again, overwhelming. My emotions are crackling for the people in London dealing with yet another tragedy (the apartment building fire), and the horrors right here in USA. And emotions for so many other things.

    But….I will gladly carry the weight of emotions, than to be without.

    • I will gladly carry the weight of our emotions, Colleen. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt emotions on WordPress.

  11. I really smiled at the smiley above the shadow, and the knee in the tissue box

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  13. It is my emotion that helps me sense my environment and connect with others. Compassion when I allow myself be a Master or fear when I play the victim… much love to you ann x barbara x

  14. Sadness lives in my heart, but it has taught me to be fierce and how to live with my eyes wide open. And to laugh and embrace every moment of life. So, I suppose I am actually happy.

  15. Everyone suffers from sadness, happiness , anxiety, love , joy, passion, care …We emphasise some emotions and hide some of them.

  16. But yeah when we are biased with our words and expressions they completely come actively….And that’s te beauty

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