Day 1625: Vitality

Yesterday, when I was on Cape Cod visiting fellow blogger Mark Bialczak, his lovely and dear wife Karen, and their filled-with-vitality dog Ellie B. (a/k/a Dogamous Pyle),  I noticed this:


Mark and Karen both told me I had more vitality than the last time they saw me, two years ago. I said that was probably due to my heart valve replacement last September.   I told Mark  he seemed much happier than when I had seen him last and he agreed, with vitality.

Spending time with wonderful people, like Mark and Karen, is very good for my vitality.

Do you see vitality in my other photos from yesterday?
























Personally, I think that last photo has the most vitality.

As I face a lot of vital changes — including selling a home, buying a home, moving near the water, and returning to work full time next month — I need to preserve my vitality.

What helps preserve my vitality?

  • Self care.
  • Caring for others.
  • Spending time with great people.
  • Getting enough sleep (working on that).
  • Eating right.
  • Good vacations (so I’ll be visiting Scotland with my son in August).
  • Letting go of worry.
  • Blogging.
  • Listening to music.

Pat Metheny playing “Song for Bilbao” during a second encore Sunday night  improved my vitality,  big time.

What improves your vitality? I hope you know your comments are excellent for my vitality.

Vital thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog post and to you — of course! — for the vitality you bring here, now.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1625: Vitality

  1. I like that ☺

  2. Thank you for sharing our beautifully vital day, Ann! Your photos are a treasure. ❤

  3. At a panel discussion on education and the internet at Vanderbilt University an audience member asked why we still have universities. Why, he asked, is there even a need for anyone to go to a class when all learning can be done online? One of the panelists ran down and touched the audience member and said, “Because the internet can’t bring us together the way talking face-to-face does.”
    It was a powerful illustration of the vitality of human interaction, but I think your wonderful day with Mark is an even better one.

  4. I love the last photo too Ann! Its looks like you had a fun visit with Mark by the sea 💛
    I was just thinking about vitaity this moring. A private yoga client has just moved to California and I am missing his (very) early morning sessions. I need to get some yoga in today!

  5. After this stunning musical rendition (2nd encore?!!!!) and your vital photos, my cup is full. Overflowing with vitality, in fact–just like the ocean in your pics and your happy friends enjoying your presence! 🙂

  6. Funny to see a picture of a picture of my friend Laura Pierce in your blog 🙂

  7. Looks like a fun visit. I always find an hour in the garden improves my vitality!

  8. I love the vitality of the persons and Miss Ellie in this post!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. I am pleased I came by for a visit today this post as usual made me feel good

  10. Your friends look pretty vital! And Pat Metheny Group is definitely full of vitality. Glad you’re feeling that way, too.

  11. How wonderful to spend some time with Mark and family!! Looks like a great day!

  12. The little boy curling up his lip to show his missing tooth clearly has much vitality. Getting out and taking photos keeps mine alive

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