Day 1621: Admit One

If you were going to admit one thing, here and now,  what would it be?

I admit that it’s difficult to admit only one, so I hereby admit that

  • I’m attending a three-day group therapy conference,
  • I’ll be participating in a therapy group with other group therapists today,
  • I am the president-elect of the professional organization giving the conference,
  • I told my groups yesterday that “I’ll be a better group therapist next week, after attending the conference,”
  •  one of the therapy groups yesterday focused on the topic of “fear,”
  • the other group discussed thoughts and feelings about their names, and
  • I took only three photos yesterday.




I admit that I just searched for “Admit One” on YouTube and found this:

I admit that I could have used that book before being admitted to the hospital.

I admit that I like to include music in this blog.

I admit that I recently posted here that I might miss a Pat Metheny concert this weekend because of the group therapy conference. I admit I made a mistake — I have a ticket that will admit one to see Pat Metheny Sunday night, after the conference is over.

I admit one more thing: I am very grateful to all who helped me create today’s Admit One post and — of course! — to you, for admitting me into your home, here and now.

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23 thoughts on “Day 1621: Admit One

  1. Congrats Madam President! Enjoy the concert.

  2. I admit, one admires your tenacity to attend every Pat Metheny concert possible, Ann!

  3. Ann you’re one hell of blogger and a person 🙂

  4. I admit that I am knackered after staying up watching our Parliament getting hung

  5. One thing I will admit is that your ability to balance doing good for others and doing good for yourself–which is just as important–is incredibly admirable.

  6. I have to admit that I am happy that you are able to go to the concert!
    Enjoy the conference before the main event 😎❣️😎

  7. Enjoy the concert

  8. I admit that I enjoy your content. ❤

  9. I admit that I am preoccupied with perspective these days, mistaking it for wisdom, when I think it’s more like realizing that I don’t have to pretend that I can’t catch my kids in a game of “shark” anymore. They’re just too fast.

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  11. I am grateful for the admission to your existence Ann. It makes the world better being part of your show.

  12. I am glad you will be able to make the concert. 🙂

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