Day 1619: Who do you trust?

Who do you trust?

Do you trust the leaders of your country?

Do you trust what a teabag tells you?


Do you trust yourself to speak?

Do you trust your friends?

Do you trust your family?

Do you trust people to do their jobs?

Do you trust a Prius owner with a Trump bumper sticker?


Do you trust the weather?

Do you trust the forecasters?

Do you trust the news?

Do you trust your sports teams?

Do you trust your head or your heart?


Do you trust the food you eat?


Do you trust me to choose “Who Do You Trust” videos (herehere and here on YouTube)?

I trust you to leave trustworthy comments.

Who do you trust to express gratitude for all who helped create this blog post and — of course! —  for you?  I hope you trust me.

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24 thoughts on “Day 1619: Who do you trust?

  1. I tend to trust everyone until they prove me wrong (e.g. Tony Blair on Iraq)

  2. I trust my own intuition and discernment, guided by something(s) with a more objective view. 😊

  3. I trust the sun will come up tomorrow and I will continue to breathe until I stop. 💛

  4. I trust we’ll still get through this together, Ann.

  5. I trust the nightmare in Washington will come to an end, though not without consequences for years to come. Our allies don’t know how far they can trust us now, as stated publicly.

  6. Like Val, I trust the sun is shining even through the clouds which often obscure my view. I believe this literally and metaphorically…our lights within burn bright, even when we feel we are in a dark time.

  7. WHOM do you trust, not who. Having said that I don’t always trust Strunk and White, but I do try to trust what people mean even if how they say it isn’t always clear.

  8. I trust those I know, I am not a very trusting person but most of my family are the same

  9. I trust(ed) Mr. Rogers.

  10. Hi Ann,
    I trust the space we all occupy!
    I trust the fact that we all grow older in perfect synchronicity!
    Will trust the surgeons hand on the 22nd of June!
    I trust you to wish me well!
    As I continually trust myself to wish you well!


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