Day 1618: Do your job

When people aren’t doing their job, I’d like to say, “Do your job,” but I have trouble saying that.

For example, last Sunday I was standing at a supermarket counter waiting to order some prepared food  and nobody offered to help me for quite a while, even though they definitely saw me standing there.  Instead of speaking up, I got annoyed.

I shall do my job, now, and try to figure out why it’s difficult to say, “Do your job.”

Maybe I think it’s not my place to say,  “Do your job.”  Maybe I believe people should know what their job is without my having to tell them. Maybe I feel more comfortable being annoyed than annoying others.

Did I do my job there?

When I’ve been trying to do my job, lately, I’ve been dealing with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).  Rather than asking doctors to do their job and make that go away, I did their job for them yesterday by using this helpful YouTube video by Dr. Carol Foster.

Dr. Foster knows her job (as she says in the beginning of that video) and she does a great job there.

My job as a blogger includes sharing (1) useful information and (2) my recent photos.










I hope I’m doing a fair job here.

I hesitate to ask you to do your job and leave a comment, but I hope you do.

Thanks to all who help me do my blogging job every morning and to you — of course! — for all you do.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1618: Do your job

  1. I think people need not to be told. They’re supposed to know what their job is.

  2. When I don’t get served in a timely manner I have been known to say ‘Am I invisible here?’ Unfortunately by the time I get to this stage I’m pretty upset and If I’m questioned about my comment I’ve gone on a rant. Not pretty but I do calm down pretty quickly and after numerous apologies on both sides (yes, I apologize for my rant) I get looked after. Too bad it has to come to that.

  3. I know you know which way is up, Ann. I feel the same way when working folks ignore the customer/patron (me!). I would say, ‘I need help here’ but I think deep down, they are the ones who need the help.

  4. Dr. Foster’s video is very interesting and it seems she knows how to do her job. Did it help?

    I’m going to tuck away “Wholesome Amazingness” to use at a later date.

  5. I am doing my job by telling you, you did a good job!

  6. I often remind myself that my job is not to change people’s minds. It’s to keep my mind open enough to do my job of being present — even in the face of feeling invisible — which is what happens to me when situations like your supermarket ordering occur! 🙂

    My job is to also say — great job Ann! Hugs ❤

  7. Blogging is a job you define yourself and I think you do it extremely well.
    A construction worker once told me I should get “a real job”. I’ve dwelt on that more than I probably should. What is a “real job”? He wore glasses. Did he consider optometry a “real job”?
    I’m also reminded that in both the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionaries you’ll find the word “McJob”. The OED defines it as “An unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects”.
    McDonald’s has tried to get both dictionaries to remove that word. Its first appearance in print was in the August 24, 1986 edition of the Washington Post, in an article that said, “While it is true that these places provide income, work, and even some training to such youngsters, they also tend to perpetuate their disadvantaged status. They provide no career ladders and few marketable skills, and they undermine school attendance and involvement.”
    Rather than improving conditions for their workers McDonald’s has, by trying to get dictionaries to remove the word “McJob”, done a really good job of drawing attention to it.

  8. I get irritated at ppl at work that complain that they are there. it’s not job, do it. stop complaining. I think it irritates me more when it is the same ppl all the time.

  9. You did a fabulous job with the photos today Ann. I love that ducky,(finger puppet?) the chocolate horn (did you eat it?)and the teabag wisdom! 💛

  10. love your photos and your topic- often I will cal out “anyone home?” when I am being ignored at a counter 🙂

  11. It is so annoying when people do not do their job, you have a job do it and stop gas bagging

  12. JUST had a conversation about this very topic with my sister. If people would just do their jobs, we wouldn’t have to contemplate telling them to do their jobs, because it’s not our job to tell them that. Sigh.

  13. While I have never told anyone to do their job, I have actually said “it’s your job,” to any number of people I have worked with/supervised. Usually after some outrageous complaint. As far as telling a counter person to do their job, I sometimes feel invisible. I think this is a woman over 50 thing. People don’t see you if you are alone. So I try to catch people’s eyes or even say (especially after being invisible for a time) “Is there anyone here who can help me?” That brings them round, usually without saying what has hit the screen in my mouth never to emerge…You’re certainly doing your job of blogging for us!

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  15. If I had an alternative, I wouldn’t waste my breath, I’d go elsewhere

  16. Ann,
    You are always doing your job by informing and entertaining.

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