Day 1616: Beyond this moment

Many people believe that this moment is the best, safest, and only real place to be. If we go beyond this moment into the future, we might experience anxiety and dread.  If we go beyond this moment into the past, we might experience regret and depression. Beyond that, if we go beyond this moment, we’ll miss all the beautiful richness of this moment.

I’m going beyond this moment to a moment from yesterday:


In that case,  beyond this moment sounds like fun.

Let’s now go beyond that moment to these other moments from yesterday.









Music and dance might take us beyond this moment.

From those moments on, Bob Fosse was a dance superhero.

Beyond this moment, I’m looking forward to momentous comments from my readers.

For now, let’s not go beyond this moment of sincere gratitude for all who helped me create the moments in this post and — of course! — for YOU.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1616: Beyond this moment

  1. I think your yesterday moments are great and fun moments too. One of them looks even tasty 🙂

  2. For a moment my wife thought she wanted a bearded dragon for a pet. That moment passed when she saw how big they get. I’ve heard several Moth storytellers, and their stories stayed with me well beyond a moment.

  3. “I just swear
    That I’ll aways be there
    I give anything
    And everything
    And I will always care
    Through weakness and strength
    Happiness and sorrow
    For better, for worse
    I will love you
    With every beat of my heart

    From this moment life has begun
    From this moment you are the one
    Right beside you is where I belong
    From this moment on”. -Shania Twain

    P.S.haircut looks great!

  4. Your new ‘do is going to look delightful for many moments, Ann!

  5. Momentous hair and cupcakes! Amazing! I always enjoy your photos. Are you signing up for storytelling? When do you move?

  6. I love a little side trip to past or future moments. They are nice places to visit when resting or regrouping. But it’s sure not a good thing to stay in one or the other of those.

  7. Once again an enjoyable visit. The sad thing is that sometimes I feel I’m running out of “this moment”s. But how wonderful to spend the rest of “our moments” one by one with each other!

  8. You’re awfully good at being here now, Anne. I like the look of the back of that haircut, too. You’ll like that length at the beach!!!

  9. Some of these photos made me think what the hell but generally that made me smile

  10. I love your hair in this moment Ann!!

  11. Beautiful Barnet, Ann (Cockney rhyming slang)

  12. Let me echo what several have said. Love the do!

  13. I enjoyed the moments I spent reading your post and did not feel one bit of regret and depression to be looking at yesterday’s photos. And right now it’s good to be saying ‘hello’ to you again, Ann, and admiring your lovely new hairstyle.

  14. Thanks for following my blog.I found your’s also interesting

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