Day 1606: Self conscious

I am very conscious that many selves have shared being self conscious this week, in individual and group therapy.

Yourself, are you conscious of the meaning of “self conscious?”

feeling undue awareness of oneself, one’s appearance, or one’s actions.
“I feel a bit self-conscious parking my scruffy old car”
synonyms: embarrassed, uncomfortable, uneasy, nervous

Why do so many selves feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, uneasy, and nervous about awareness of oneself?  This week, self conscious people described pain, mind reading, personalization, paranoia, projection, isolation, and a drastic restriction of activities.  This self is conscious of a wish that consciousness of self could lead to  self-confidence and self-worth, not self-judgment.

Should I feel self conscious about today’s photos?








I don’t think cats are particularly self-conscious.

Here’s Ellen being self conscious:

I am conscious that I, myself,  love comments from my readers.

Conscious gratitude to all who helped me create this self-conscious post and to you — of course! — for being yourself, here and now.

Minutes after I published this post, I became conscious of today’s New York Times piece on being self conscious.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1606: Self conscious

  1. We should all be proud of ourselves, Ann.

  2. Thank you Ann but not being a whit self conscious 💛 We do get so wrapped up on ourselves don’t we… especially when feeling more vulnerable.
    You know its time to write the counter list don’t you. What are all the thing you are looking forward to in moving? Hint … When we are in a place that nourishes our soul, the practical stuff somehow gets sorted out.

    • I am conscious that it helps me to get my worries out on paper, leaving room for that counter list. There are many things I’m looking forward to, including more nourishing comments from you, Val! ❤

  3. Just be yourself. If you don’t be yourself, who you going to be? I mean – everyone else is taken, right? 🙂

  4. The struggle is real.

  5. At first I thought it was strange that we use the phrase “self conscious” when it’s discomfort with what other people think of us, but then I realized that’s an example of mind reading. When we feel self conscious we don’t know what people are thinking–we’re assuming others see us negatively.
    Sometimes sharing these thoughts makes me feel self conscious.

  6. Ah, paranoia, my old friend. It’s nice as we get older we become less self conscious, in fact I have to make sure my outfit is acceptable for public viewing before I step out the door. I like the cat attitude, if you stare at a cat it will simply resume it’s grooming! I am not self conscious about saying I enjoyed your post today Ann.

  7. Sounds like a little bit of buyer’s remorse might be creeping in. I get it all the time.

    • I am conscious that I get buyer’s remorse and then I move on to buyer’s celebration! Thanks for the helpful comment.

  8. Self-conscious. If not for mirrors that affliction would not exist. For all but we would see us. And if I couldn’t see my facial response I would not have evidence to confirm or deny others criticism or praise.

  9. It’s natural to dread a move and change. It will be okay and you’ll remember why you wanted to be at the shore. At least I hope that’s what happens…It could be even better.

  10. I wondered something similar not long ago. Watching children at my grandson’s school, there was no self consciousness behavior in kindergarten or first grade. Where do we learn it? Does the media such as magazines and TV shows condemn us before we can even walk? It’s hard to overcome a lifetime of embarrassment and self doubt. Between you and me we can make the world stronger, though.

  11. Social anxiety intensifies self consciousness. There’s so many out there struggling every day just to be themselves. It’s hard.

  12. My self-consciousness comes when I am in front of the camera rather than on the other side.

  13. I have just now become conscious of having missed this post somehow!

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