Day 1605: Guess what? I’m nuts! Really nuts!

Guess what? I’m nuts about getting my morning-blogging inspiration from a nutty snapshot.


Guess what?  I’m nuts, really nuts because I

Guess what?  I’m nuts, really nuts about taking photos and putting them in my blog.









Is it nuts for me to repeat the wisdom in that last photo?

It’s the strangest thing,

how happiness comes out of nowhere

and inflates your soul.

Guess what?  I’m nuts, really nuts about nutty music.

I’m nuts, really nuts about

  • getting comments from my readers and
  • expressing thanks to all with words and nutty pictures.



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36 thoughts on “Day 1605: Guess what? I’m nuts! Really nuts!

  1. I have to ask the sayings on the box about nuts, what was in the box?

  2. I’m nuts about reading your blog Ann!

  3. New home by the sea
    Are the words that jump out to me.

  4. I’m nuts about your blog! It’ll all work out, which I know you know.

  5. I love your nutty advice today Ann! Eat it all up 💛

  6. You are my favourite kind of nuts!

    I also love that quote you repeated — not nuts at all. Just good soul food!

  7. Ann, it is okay to lose sleep over furniture because you may come up with a million ideas. You may be a little bit excited, which is wonderful. Your new house is definitely worth some sunflower seed overindulgence. I am happy for you. I am writing this on a broken phone so cannot edit to improve the wording

  8. Aw nuts! The others beat me to it but I’m nuts about your blog Ann! And I enjoyed the music, great way to start a day that’s already looking nuts!

  9. It’s important to remember that everything taken to excess is bad for you–including moderation. If you didn’t indulge in too many sunflower seeds you might end up fruity as a nutcake.

  10. I’d be quite nutty if I didn’t take the wisdom of this blog and incorporate it into my life!

  11. I like nuts which may have something to do with why I am so nutty but nutty can be fun,can it not

  12. I use a lot of nuts in vegetables and baking. Now I’ve added them to the snacks I take to work. Yes, it’s amazing how something inflates the soul suddenly! May it happen to all of us again soon.

  13. I just had to bolt to make a comment

  14. The world would be a little happier if we took ourselves less seriously and all went a little nuts. Unless we have the code to the nuclear stuff…then it’s best to be not so nuts.

  15. Oh, Ann, you must know that seeing this nut post had me “cracking up!” This is just a”nut”her one of those great topics for puns. 🙂

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