Day 1597: Tips for operating your home

Here’s a tip for operating your blog. Start by reconnecting with your title and with a photo you took recently.


I haven’t opened that book, so I don’t know which tips for operating my home are in there.

However, here are my personal tips for operating your home:

  • Learn about the systems.
  • Maintain the systems.
  • Repair and/or replace systems in a timely fashion.
  • Use your personal home-operating skills wisely.
  • If you need help from experts, find trustworthy ones and treat them fairly.
  • Don’t allow incompetent people to take over operating your home.

If you think I’m also writing about my homeland right now…


Let’s see what other tips I found when I was operating my iPhone camera at home yesterday.












Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros includes some tips for operating your home.

And Ellen has some tips for buying a home.

Now I have some tips for operating the comments section, below.

  1. Go to the very end of this post.
  2. Click on the word “comment.”
  3. Comment.

Many thanks to those who helped me include all the tips in today’s post and to you — of course! — for visiting my blogging home, here and now.

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22 thoughts on “Day 1597: Tips for operating your home

  1. You are a smooth operator, Ann.

  2. so nice to see Aaron home! I agree with those house tips Ann 🙂

  3. Your blog is also a kind of home–and while your operating tips are useful the important thing is it’s yours to decorate, use, and inhabit in whatever way suits you best and makes you happy. As Virginia Woolf said, “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

  4. Yeah! Aaron is home. Your home is operating at full potential. Your blog too! ❤

  5. Your home components and operating systems are lining up. I’m sitting with the manual for my computer as I figure out my photo app GRRR, any how, I’m getting the feeling that is how you are feeling about some of the operating systems in your world. Don”t give up! It will eventually reboot, Enjoy The things that are working and have a cup of tea!

  6. Marcia Dubreuil

    Welcome home, Aaron!!! I feel like I’ve been missing you myself!

  7. A cheese-off sounds like the most amazing event

  8. Aaron home is so good! He seems to be operating well 💛


  10. The best tip is to have your son (looking so good) home

  11. Aaron!! Eat! Eat!

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