Day 1596: Reconnecting…

Every time I communicate with my son Aaron in Scotland by phone, there’s reconnecting. Here’s some reconnecting from last night…


That’s Oscar, me, and Aaron reconnecting.

I’m now reconnecting to beliefs I have about connecting. Every time people communicate by phone, computer, or in person, there’s connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting. It takes work to connect with others, but there’s no work I’d rather do.

Any evidence of reconnecting in these other photos?









I’m reconnecting with the reason I took that last picture yesterday. I knew that tomorrow, tomorrow was today and today is the day I’m reconnecting with my son in Boston!

Thanks to the pictures in this post, I’m reconnecting with two songs from my past (here and here):

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my readers in the comments section, below.

Finally, I’m reconnecting with my gratitude to all who helped me create today’s post and to YOU — of course! — for connecting with me here.

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23 thoughts on “Day 1596: Reconnecting…

  1. Same thing hapoened when my oldest called for Mother’s Day. And he’s only in Nebraska. 😏

  2. I hope to reconnect my Apple with WordPress by this evening

  3. Connecting to say have a good week, Ann.

  4. Even when we are not connected, I feel the connection Ann ❤️

  5. Have a great day reconnecting with Aaron back in Boston, Ann! Welcome home, Prodigal Son. Semester time goes fast, does it not?

  6. Some things are never disconnected Ann! Like your love with Aaron — no matter what technology does, or what distance there is between you, I always feel your connection in your words and photos.<3

    Oh, and a cat's curiosity is never disconnected either! Thanks Oscar! 🙂

  7. I enjoy connecting with your blog in the morning before I get started with my day, Ann. How cool that in addition to cnnecting with his mom on Mother’s Day, Aaron got to connect with his cat, which I am sure Oscar enjoyed as well! I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful in every way.

  8. I am so happy for you and Aaron.

  9. Many years ago I was at a talk on the future of technology and education and someone asked the panel, “Why can’t all education be done through the internet?” And one of the panel members got up, ran out into the audience, and grabbed the questioner’s chair and shook it, saying, “Because sometimes in-person is the only way to communicate.” It was a little scary but also a good illustration of the limits of technology.
    I’m so glad that while you and Aaron have been able to connect even while he’s been in Edinburgh that you’ll be able to re-connect in person.

  10. I place a high value on human connection, Ann, and for all of the complaints I can make about overuse of technology I’m also grateful for how easy it is to nurture faraway relationships. FaceTime is a wonder! I’m so very pleased that you’ll have Aaron up close!

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  12. Oscar. ❤

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