Day 1590: The inexplicable

Lately, I’ve been encountering lots of human behavior I find inexplicable. Indeed, I’ve been inexplicably signing emails

Confused and confusing,


If “inexplicable” is inexplicable to you, let’s explain it:

unable to be explained or accounted for.
“for some inexplicable reason her mind went completely blank”
synonyms: unaccountable, unexplainable, incomprehensible, unfathomable, impenetrable, insoluble.

Actually, when I encounter inexplicable human behavior, my mind CAN go completely blank. That’s why I like to talk to people I love and trust about the inexplicable, to try to make sense of it.

Last night, my inexplicable boyfriend Michael and I walked around our neighborhood, inexplicably talking, talking, talking about politics, murder, greed, cruelty, and other inexplicable inhumanity.  I said to Michael, “We are trying to make the inexplicable splicable.” That got an inexplicably  big laugh out of him.

Are any of my photos from yesterday inexplicable?











Am I letting myself be successful in this post? Or is success itself inexplicable?

Let’s see how inexplicable YouTube can be this morning.


Here and now, I am splicably grateful to all who helped me create this inexplicable post and — of course! — to you.

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37 thoughts on “Day 1590: The inexplicable

  1. You are very able in ex-plicking.
    In fact, you are my favourite ex-plicker because of all your extra plicking.

  2. Spicable I like. I don’t know why 🙂

  3. “Lucy! You got some ‘splaining to do.”
    – Ricky Ricardo
    She had an easier time then, Ann.

  4. I love the little octopus best. 😊

  5. It is inexplicable-man’s inhumanity to man (woman) and has been like this since time began, not just since November. As fellow humans struggle to understand how cruel it all is, I’ll go with the photo of the plate of food and find momentary comfort from the unexplained.

  6. Good luck navigating the legal side of buying a home. Sometimes it is simply inexplicable.

  7. Splicably explicit as always Ann. Thank you 😍

  8. “Splicable” is my new favorite word along with “ruth” (some people are ruthless, others have ruth), gruntled, and combobulated.

  9. I’ve never seen an octopus in that form before.

  10. splicably! Ha, gets a laugh from me too Ann! your dinners always look so yummy. ❤
    Diana xo

  11. The video is splicably wonderful and strange, as is the octopus cookie. It has been years since I thought of Imogen Cunningham. Some inexplicable and ‘splicable photos…

  12. Lovely Photos! especially o outed in lil clip is nice idea to share lil thought.!

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  14. Oooh, methinks a couple of photos explicate that the real estate process has heated up!

    • Sunny, it’s inexplicable to me how I’ve missed this comment from you for three years!

      • Wow! That’s wild. Btw, my sweetheart passed away on May 5, 2020, of complications of Alzheimer’s. I was allowed to be with him, despite the pandemic, because he was receiving hospice care. So I was with him when he died, and he had a really good death, peaceful and easy. I’m relieved but sad.

      • I’m so sorry for your loss, Sunny, and I understand the relief. ❤

  15. The inexplicable keeps our lives fresh and exciting.

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