Day 1589: Abstracts in pastels

Yesterday, my friend Deb and I had good times in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where we saw my sister Ellen’s “Abstract in Pastel” at a photography show.



The light reflections added some additional abstracts in pastels there, so here’s “Abstract in Pastel” from the photography show book:


Deb and I both concretely voted for “Abstract in Pastel” in  the people’s choice poll at the photography show. My admiration for my sister’s photographic skills is not abstract at all.

I saw many more abstracts in pastels during the rest of the day, which I shall concretely display here.

















I am concretely choosing this song for today’s abstract pastel post:

Now for some concrete thanks for my sister Ellen, my friend Deb, Plymouth, the B-52’s, rocks, lobsters, bunny rabbits,  cats, and everyone and everything else contributing to this abstract-in-pastel post.  Also, special abstract pastel thanks for you — of course! —  here and now.


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18 thoughts on “Day 1589: Abstracts in pastels

  1. Your post will exist in my thoughts today. Making your concrete post about abstracts….abstract in another form.

  2. Looked like a terrific day out Ann. Those lobsters really did rock!

  3. Ellen’s beach photo comforts me in waves, Ann.

    If I were a yoga-practicing man, I might hop to the downward rabbit position today, thanks to your shot of the news report.

  4. “Abstract In Pastel” looks like a Mark Rothko painting brought to life. It has that same wonderful quality and reminds us that nothing is truly abstract.

  5. Congratulations to Ellen. Reflections on the photo do add interest, also

  6. Thats alot of pics…a lot of art! I think as I get older I appreciate the marvelous world of self expression. And you have a sister in the Arts! Right in the family!

  7. Ellen’s photo is really beautiful. I also like the fish and the Rocking lobster!

  8. I really enjoyed seeing so much art AND a nice assortment of photos from Plymouth–I’ve never visited and I would love to! Your sister’s pastel is beautiful and it’s nice to have an introduction. I hope that your creative weekend is carried into your work week and makes it a little lighter, dear Ann.

  9. Your sister has a lot of talent! Apparently it runs in the family. Is either of those the “real” Plymouth Rock?

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