Day 1587: All kinds of time

When I was spending all kinds of time yesterday getting new batteries for all kinds of watches, I saw this:


Because I’m all kinds of polite, I didn’t open a book that didn’t belong to me, so I don’t know what kinds of time Harry Behn had in mind.

In the present time, my mind is having all kinds of thoughts about different kinds of time, including

  • teatime
  • facetime
  • playtime
  • noontime
  • daytime
  • nighttime
  • naptime
  • springtime
  • wintertime
  • summertime
  • dinnertime
  • lunchtime
  • flextime
  • showtime
  • downtime
  • sometime
  • anytime
  • halftime
  • wartime
  • peacetime
  • lifetime.

If I had all kinds of time to write today’s post, I’d probably think of other kinds of time. Can you?

There’s no kind of time like nowtime, so here are all kinds of other photos from yesterday:









That’s Ari, who spent all kinds of time last night singing a great original song  at the Jam’n Java Open Mic in Arlington, Massachusetts. Ari previously appeared in this kind of blog post from all kinds of time ago.

I spent all kinds of time singing last night, too. I considered singing “Summertime,” but I sang this instead, with all kinds of accompaniment:

I’m looking forward to all kinds of comments.

All kinds of gratitude to all those who help me create all kinds of blog posts (including this one) and to you — of course! — for being kind enough to visit this time.

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38 thoughts on “Day 1587: All kinds of time

  1. The one thing we are all equally endowed with

  2. Wow, so much time has passed since we were lucky to see your just feet or headless body in your photos. Thanks for letting us see and hear you sing!

    • I’m having all kinds of reactions to your comment, Sunny, including gratitude and thoughts about my headless body!

  3. An amazing thing about computers is how much time they give us. My father used to call them “time wasters”, but those of us who unfortunately didn’t have the time to see you sing last night can enjoy it whenever we have the time, and comments such as this can get to you to be read anytime.

    • An amazing thing about computers is how much time they give me with you, Chris. I’m glad to see you, anytime.

  4. It’s time for me to smile about your singing style and confidence, my great friend Ann.

  5. I have all kinds of time to listen to you sing Ann! That was fun. 🙂

    Can you do Summertime next please? One of my all time favourites!!!

    • It’s all kinds of wonderful to see you here, Louise. Here’s me singing some other lyrics I wrote for “Summertime” at work.

  6. It’s time for me to say that video was awesome!

  7. Looks like you are having the time of your life Ann. Congratulations 🎈

  8. Hi Ann, my beautifully singing blogging friend. I loved the videos!!!! Um – I think you forgot bathtime and snacktime and my favorite donttalktometime (I use that a lot at home).

  9. wow – this is such beautiful and amazing post…appreciate you are sharing it..

  10. This is the BEST EVER Years of Living Non-Judgmentally post. (Can’t help but make a judgment there.) I loved, loved, loved hearing you sing. You sang so beautifully and you led the audience in singing with you so that they could enjoy it fully, too. And you did all that after a year of tremendous physical and emotional challenge and many demands on your time. Your voice is sweet and pure and you look so healthy and confident. Way to go, Ann. You can change your blog’s name to The Years of Living Inspirationally.

  11. I’m probably not as polite because I would probably take a quick peek inside that book 😊

  12. What fun! and what a cooperative crowd. Yup, every day, we all get 24 hours. Nice.

  13. Amanda Curtin

    I finally got to hear you sing! You were amazing!

  14. Im glad you have time to share your magic!

  15. ! This is the BEST EVER Years of Living Non-Judgmentally post.

    • This is the BEST time for you to make this comment, because I’m returning to that Open Mic venue tonight!

      • Actually, I had to spend all kinds of time at work last night, so I missed the Open Mic! Maybe next month.

  16. ! Thanks for taking the time to be so kind!

  17. ! Thanks for taking the time to be so kind!

  18. ! Thanks for taking the time to be so kind!

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