Day 1585: Excellence

If you came to this blog today looking for excellence, you’re in luck.


My social work intern, Justine …


… has shown excellence in individual and group psychotherapy this entire year. Justine is so excellent that I recently acknowledged her excellence with a list titled “Reasons Why Justine is Awesome.”  When we said goodbye yesterday, Justine demonstrated more excellence.





Justine shared the excellence of that ant quote during the therapy group we both facilitated yesterday. Because of that ant, we all sang this excellent song:

At that same excellent therapy group, as we were saying goodbye to Justine, we all acknowledged Justine’s excellence as well as the excellence of this helpful thought:

The pain of the loss is directly proportional to the importance of the connection.

Do you see excellence in my other photos from yesterday?












Please share the excellence of your own thoughts and feelings in a comment, below.

Thanks to Justine, our therapy group, Frank Sinatra,  Greg Stones, and everybody else who contributed to the excellence of today’s post. Also, thanks for the excellence of your visit to this blog, here and now.

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39 thoughts on “Day 1585: Excellence

  1. High Hopes – I thought everyone else in the world had forgotten that song but me. I sing it to my grandchildren, who are excellent in making me realize I am loved just the way I am (off key singing and all).

  2. Wow. What an excellent turkey! I agree with Ben Franklin. I think they are noble birds. If I had to die, looking up into pouring rain with my beak open might be delightful! 😉

  3. An excellent post, elevated to mega-excellent with the cemetery photos.

    PS… what is the “QR Song”?

    • Thanks for the mega-excellent comment, Ray.
      P.S. QR is Quick Response, a program at work where therapists quickly respond to patients who are in need. I made up a song to explain it, which I sing to the tune of the excellent music of “Summertime.”
      Quick Response
      Using it is so easy.
      Page 31284
      And let us know where you are
      (include the room and your last name).
      If somebody is crying
      Or they need some support.
      Megan and Ann are standing by.

    • I forgot that I recorded that at work last year. Here it is:

  4. That’s the kind of Wild Turkey I can encounter with a smile, Ann! Lovely.

  5. That is a MOST EXCELLENT turkey strut!

  6. The immense history reminds us that there are some principles that never change.

  7. Justine is such a lucky intern to have worked with you! And she seems to be a wonderful young woman as well. A great collaboration!

  8. Nice posts.
    Beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

  9. Justine is awesome ❣Kudos to you and the team in brining out her best. Such a great life lesson!
    Mayor Koch and that male turkey may have a few things in common. Best check it out in Quincy land.

  10. Yay, Justine! Is she going forth into the world to carry on all she’s learned from you, Ann? She has that Ann kind of smile.

    Congratulations on Quincy. I look forward to learning more about it. 🙂

  11. Justine is awesome moment you captured in this pictures.

    • How excellent for you to notice and comment!

      • I like nature and especially birds & flower photography, now my point to talk is your overall pictures you outed here. –Thanks.

  12. I remember a New Yorker cartoon where a group of people were clustered around a fellow with a fine beard. One of the people on the edge of the cluster excitedly noted to a person who’d just arrived at the cluster, “We admire excellence no matter of it manifests itself!” Yeah!

  13. The mutual excellence shared with your intern is excellent to see. I am reminded of someone I once assessed who thought I should not have given her ‘A’s because that was not attainable.

  14. Thanks for the excellent comment! Thanks, Alice, for the MOST EXCELLENT comment.

  15. Thanks for the excellent comment! Thanks for the excellent comment!

  16. gumersindo

    The mutual excellence shared with your intern is excellent to see. Thanks for the excellent comment!

  17. Thank you for the excellence of your comment! Thanks for the excellent comment!

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