Day 1582: The Best

Was this the best photo I took yesterday?


Or was the best photo from yesterday one of these?










 Did you know that a lot of the best photos in this blog lately are from my quest to find the best house near water for me, Michael, and Aaron (when he’s not at the best school in Edinburgh, Scotland)? We may have found the best place yesterday.  However, the best  is very hard to determine when you know that something better may very well show up in the future. How do you choose  the best for you when it’s very possible that the best is yet to come?

The best we can do, I suppose, is decide whether we’ve found something that’s great enough.

If you share your thoughts and feelings about how you know what’s best (or great enough), that would be the best!

The best  I could do right now would be to share  the best live version of “The Best is Yet to Come” I found on YouTube this morning.


The best way to finish this post would be to repeat this:


The best thanks to all the best creatures who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for being the best.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1582: The Best

  1. But….if you find the best then don’t you stop looking for the best?

    🙂 I mean, your first picture was the best, so you ended with it too. 🙂

  2. I’m going with the duck and the black chick.

  3. Definitely the nose-picking ear 🙂

  4. That book looks like a fun read Ann. You’re the best for posting Tony Bennett- my grandmother’s favorite singer and I always think of her when I hear him. (She’s gone since 1975)

  5. The best always comes from the heart, and not the head. You are the best part of this post Ann 💕

  6. Trust yourself in the quest, Ann, every step of the way.

  7. Luis Del Castillo

    The Best blogger ever!

  8. Hmm, the question you ask about houses you could also ask about boyfriends (or cats?). How do you know when you have found the best? Well, when you have found someone you love who calls out the best from you. With houses, there will always be houses somewhere with better views or better counter tops, but you just need one that you love, where you can imagine good feelings and good people dwelling there and good neighbors to visit, and maybe an accessible supply of cat litter. If a house with better plumbing comes along, that will be for somebody else but that is okay. You will already be fond of the one you are making your home even if it has cranky plumbing. Because a home is not only the building but also what we put into it. That takes time.

  9. One of the best quotes I know is from David Mitchell–the British comedian, not the British novelist, although Mitchell the comedian has said people sometimes come up to him and tell him how much they enjoy his books–who said, “Choice is only a good thing in moderation.”
    Too much choice and we feel overwhelmed, too little choice and we don’t have enough options. Somewhere in between is the best place to be.

  10. You’re the best too! That one duck though–he looks so mad!

  11. I Tina Turner you.

  12. Bloody great photos and a bloody great post all round

  13. I’m lovin’ the food photos. It is dinner time tho. 😏

  14. There’ll all bloody good. Full stop.

  15. What a fabulous rendition of The Best is Yet to Come. Mr. Bennett had a lovely influence on Ms. Krall, who tends to slow every jazz song to a dirge (in my opinion). As for knowing when you’ve got the best, I think you’ll walk into a place and know. Sometimes there’s a calculation involved, but it all works in and you won’t be thinking about something better.

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  17. I think the best is to follow the duck! She will lead you to the house on the water for you. Sometimes you have to take something that is not perfect and make it perfectly the best for you. Good luck on your quest!

  18. The best IS yet to come, won’t it be fine?

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