Day 1581: What’s Happening

No matter what’s happening, I often wonder what’s happening, because there’s usually so much happening at once.

What’s happening with all these pictures?
































What’s happening now is “What’s the Buzz Tell Me What’s Happening” from Jesus Christ, Superstar.

What’s happening?  I hope you let us know what’s happening in a comment, below.

With gratitude for all who helped me create this happening post and — of course! — for you, here’s the last photo I happened to take yesterday.


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42 thoughts on “Day 1581: What’s Happening

  1. Your sheep fest makes me want to knit!

  2. Interesting. So I ‘m guessing all those animal tous were made using wool from the sheep. I believe I have often heard that sheep need shearing because their coats get so hot during the warmer months. I wonder…what did they do before humans began doing this ritual?

    • Interesting question. Maybe they all kept moving north until they felt comfortable. Thanks for the wonderful comment!

  3. What fun, whimsical photos!

  4. Sheep Fest? Not a baaaaaad idea, Ann. And if More Than Words is taking books and their extended world to this bizarre bazaar, I’m a fan. Finally, maybe Jesus was a tea drinker and coiner of bag slogans. Just saying.

  5. Lots of Baas and Ahs

  6. wow Ann now I know what’s happening in your day!! Great shots!

  7. Great photos Ann and sheeps are wonderful animals 🙂

  8. I want that octopus hat Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  9. Leave it to New England to have the best Fests! They draw in cool vendors and appreciative patrons. I felt sorry for the sheep being sheared because they seemed afraid, but their coats get very heavy and matted if left unshorn. In the wild they may have developed differently, I suppose. Another cool Fest is the Common Ground Fair now held in Unity, Maine. It used to be held in Windsor, were we once lived. Such fun and a celebration of the earth and nature!

  10. Sheep Fest? That’s fantastic! We have a friend who raises alpaca. They’re really great, and the kids love em. Looks like a fun day. 😃

  11. I remember reading Amelia Bedelia books when I was young. Told to draw drapes and dust the furniture she took a pencil and paper and made a picture of the drapes and put dust on the furniture. My favorite was when she played baseball. After picking up the bases she then ran home. She really knew what was happening.

  12. How does that guy get that sheep to lie still? That is fascinating

    • I’m so glad to see you, Maureen! That guy is a seasoned and experienced sheep shearer — we see him every year at the Sheep Shearing Festival. I will tell you that his apprentice had a much more difficult time getting the sheep to lie still. So however he does it, I assume it takes years of practice.

  13. suddenly i’m feeling
    more fond
    of my non
    hair cut day 🙂

  14. Love the sheep with the tongue sticking out! Looks like fun!! (the festival, not the shearing…) 🙂

  15. I wonder if sheep once sheered feel free and airy. Like us when we know we need a haircut for weeks and can’t get to it then when we do it’s like….ahhhhhhhh………

  16. Photos that made me smile and for that I thank you

  17. It looks like a lot is happening for those sheep!

    As for what’s happening here, we’re getting ready to start another week – it should be a good one!

  18. So much cuteness

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  20. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow it is the attak of the mop tops!!! ha ha ok bye

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