Day 1576: Knowledge

When I search for other posts I’ve written here that have “Knowledge,” there’s none to be found. Consider yourselves warned.

Recently, when I was at the building department in Quincy Massachusetts, investigating the history of a particular property, I said to one of the staff there, “Knowledge is power.”  He replied, “Not at my house.”

Yesterday, knowledge showed up on a teabag.


I wonder what the guy at the Quincy building department would think of that.

Do you agree that knowledge is power and that your strength is your own knowledge?

Regular readers of this blog have the knowledge that I always share my photos from the day before. Let’s see if those pictures include any knowledge.












Those last three photos demonstrate my knowledge of the usefulness of having a helpful phrase ready whenever you need it. If you want more knowledge of the “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” technique, that knowledge is in this post.

Did you know there are DOZENS of songs about knowledge? Here‘s one I know:

You know and I know that gratitude is important, so thanks to all who helped me create this knowledgeable post and to YOU (of course!)  for all the knowledge you bring, here and now.


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26 thoughts on “Day 1576: Knowledge

  1. The only thing I know for sure is that I know very little.

  2. Luis Del Castillo

    I always gain knowledge every time I read your blog

  3. Yes, Ann, the answer is always there somewhere.

  4. Knowledge is power. However, just a little knowledge can be dangerous. I’ve learned this lesson in my last 30 years of working for the government.

  5. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan ever since I was a kid and discovered the show on BS because he was a hero who solves problems with what he knows rather than his fists. Knowledge is key to that.
    I also liked the TARDIS. As he says in the current season, it’s the gateway to everything that ever was and ever can be. And it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, like our imagination. But what I like best is the Doctor doesn’t always know where he’s going. Every place he lands is a chance to learn something new.

  6. I ac-knowledge the knowledge I gain here always brightens my day and lifts my spirits!

  7. This is Wikipedia on the black cab driver’s The Knowledge: The film was brilliant. 10-15 minutes extracts can be found on YouTube.

  8. My knowledge is limited….but never unlimited. 🙂

  9. Knowledge may not be always useful in life. For example. I know about the Tardis, but how does it serve me?

  10. I generally pick up learning each time I read your blog..

  11. As long as your eyes and mind are open your knowledge is endless.

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