Day 1574: Others

In all the other posts I’ve written for myself and for others, only two have had the word “others’ in the title —  Day 163: Alone in the presence of others and Day 180: Horror Stories (and  others).

I expected there would be others about “others,” since I (and others) seem to think about others a lot of the time.

My first and last photos from yesterday both captured the word “others” (among others).



Were those two photos about others the only pictures I took yesterday?  No, there were three others:




I spent a lot of time yesterday with seven others, talking about ourselves, others, and group therapy.  As my t-shirt said, I was alone in the presence of others. And because there was mutual respect, trust, and love among me and the others, each of us had the time and space to be alone AND connected with the others in the room.

In other words (written by another therapist and blogger, Dr. Vollmer):

Therapy offers, as Winnicott eloquently says, a patient “to be alone in the presence of another.”  Deep relationships offer this as well. This is the  luxury of experiencing one’s internal world, while a caring person is present in the room, but not intrusive into one’s internal process.

Here‘s what comes up on YouTube when I search for “others”:

I wonder what others might think, feel, and say about today’s blog?

Thanks to all the others who helped me write this post (among others). Special thanks to you and all the others reading this, here and now.

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20 thoughts on “Day 1574: Others

  1. Yesterday was dialysis day for me, and the “others” I spent it with were people of mixed backgrounds, ages, circumstances, all united with a medical need. The other “others” were the team of caring, competent, highly trained RNs and LPNs who pampered us, cared for our immediate needs, then performed and monitored a life-saving procedure we patients truly appreciate. I am blessed to have my others!

  2. I was alone with my significant other yesterday, Ann, as we gathered with thousands of others at a football game and dozens of others at the Rose Fair. The company was magnificent.

  3. That first quote is all too familiar for me. But the others I spent time with yesterday were kindred spirits and I am thankful for these moments.

  4. I have nothing to say other than a perfect awakening to today.

  5. Good post. We sure need others, don’t we Ann. I love that watch, is that your watch? ❤
    Diana xo

  6. Cobweb Wood

    I really liked that video, too.

  7. I think about the philosophical idea of “the other”, how we sometimes fail to appreciate the differences of others, and also Jung’s idea of the shadow, that can be either negative or positive aspects of ourselves that we’re unaware of.
    All these things can be the source of our aloneness, but also opportunities to learn.

  8. This was a beautiful post, Ann, and I love the message in the video clip. All the best to you!

  9. This post really inspires and encourages me, Ann. What a wonderful gift to give to others and perhaps in turn receive, but the support that comes from a friend willing to add a quiet strength to a situation by simply being present, but not intruding. Sometimes I’m so challenged by feeling words are the answer, and it’s clear, at times they are not. Thank you for this lovely post.

  10. My favorite part of this blog were the answers you gave. You have such wonderful followers…and you give as wonderfully as you get!

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