Day 1571: On this day

On this day, I am repeating something from yesterday’s post.


On this day, I am sharing flowers I saw yesterday.



On this day, I am grateful for spring and all that it brings.

On this day, I am driving to a seaside city to find out about a home I might put a bid on. I wonder if I will be successful in that venture.

On this day, I will be facilitating two therapy groups at work.

On this day, I wonder about the meaning of success.


On this day, I will have some Yogi Tea.

On this day, I will share some music here.


On this day, I express gratitude to all who help me create this daily blog and — of course! — to you.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1571: On this day

  1. That’s a beautiful song. And some really lovely 😊 quotes …
    I especially love the snoopy one.

    All the other days we have to live.. and learn to find the joy in everything around us…

    On this day.. I thank for your exceptional blog

  2. Lovely. I particularly like the Snoopy image. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the property.

  3. On this day, I am hoping for success for your bid, Ann!

  4. On this day I awaken and am inspired by your words and thoughts.

    On this day I am grateful for your presence in my morning.

  5. I remember the first time I woke up early enough to see the sun rise. It was on a camping trip. The day before had been an extremely bad day, but somehow I knew that the rising sun meant the day to come would be a good one.
    Now that I look back on that I realize it wasn’t the rising sun that made it a good day but my decision that it would be a good day.

  6. On this day I am having lunch alone. And enjoying it. 😊

  7. On this day I will live by Snoopy’s wisdom 💕

  8. This is the time of year that makes all the darkness worthwhile. A soft breeze, a pretty flower, a friend like you — life is good.

  9. on this day I will tell you I love those tulips! and Charlie Brown of course

  10. Well, on this day you reminded me of an exchange I had with my mother. My boss was dying and it was Christmas, I wanted to give him a card. I asked my mother if I should do so under the circumstances. She said “He’s still alive!! Give him the card!” She didn’t say the word dummy but I heard it. I gave him the card. A seaside house sounds so cool.

  11. On this day, I’m glad you reposted the Snoopy cartoon, because a word was missing the first time. On this day we are in Savannah in a cat friendly hotel as we migrate north for the warmer months, like tha snowbirds we have become. It’s not a nice room, but Daisy acts like she’s always lived here, and that makes staying in it bearable. Tomorrow on to Roanoke! Good luck with your bid!

  12. On this day I begin anew. ❤️

  13. On this day we continued living

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