Day 1569: So to speak

“So to speak” has this definition, so to speak:

as one might say; said a certain way, even though the words are not exactly accurate. “John helps me with my taxes. He’s my accountant, so to speak.” “I just love my little poodle. she’s my baby, so to speak.”

How would you use “so to speak” in a sentence?

People sometimes use “so to speak” as just another conversational place-holder, like”that being said,” which is  often said by Michael, my boyfriend and house husband, so to speak.

Since I am a daily blogger and photographer, so to speak,  here are my pictures from yesterday, when I walked around my neighborhood, so to speak.




















So to speak with my son, Aaron, who’s studying (so to speak) in Scotland, we use FaceTime on my phone, so to speak.

“So To Speak” is also a song that speaks to many people.

So to speak to me about this post, you can leave a comment below.

Thanks to all who helped me create this so-to-speak post and to you — of course! — no matter how you speak.

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23 thoughts on “Day 1569: So to speak

  1. It’s so nice that your cat takes time to FaceTime with your son 😉 I like the yard signs.

  2. Your library speaks to me so, Ann.

  3. Looks like Aaron and Oscar had a meeting of minds. I hope Aaron’s studies are going well. Is it exam time there?

  4. It’s not a phrase I use much, but now that I think about it, people really do use it in a variety of manners!

  5. In the introduction to his translation of Beowulf Seamus Heaney says he began with the word “So” because it was how members of his family would announce they were going to speak. He was also surprised to find the word “thole”, meaning “to bear hardship” in Old English because it was a word his Irish grandmother used.
    I use “so to speak” to mean “that’s one way of saying it” because there are so many ways of saying what we want to say, all connected by a shared desire to communicate.

  6. I love coming here Ann, so to speak. That being said, I must be going now. Shhh I’m at work. ❤
    Diana xo

  7. I had lunch with the squirrels today. Squirrels are rats, so to speak. 😉

  8. I want a Pine Bank! (although I’m kind of living in one right now, so to speak).

  9. What is the road with all the monuments, so to speak, broken up alongside it? Almost as arresting as the glove in the bush!

  10. Not five minutes ago, I left this comment on another blogger’s latest post: “Glad to hear your putting-the-fear-of-god-into-’em talk with the Hydrangeas appears to have born fruit, so to speak. Born flower.” Making your question a most perfectly timed event!

    So to speak.

  11. I would probably use it wrong, so to speak. So to speak, on my behalf, is often a stumble trying to express thoughts that stutter and flounder.

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