Day 1565: Renewal

Last night, in my “Coping and Healing” therapy group, somebody suggested we focus on  the topic of “Renewal.”


I asked, “What helps give you a sense of renewal?”  The answers included:

  • Spring
  • Gardens
  • Trees
  • Being near large bodies of water
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Group
  • Travel
  • Friends
  • Showers
  • Good books
  • Good films
  • The movie Arrival
  • Running
  • Good memories
  • Being in the moment
  • Sleep
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Taking action
  • Humor
  • Art
  • Telling stories
  • Listening to other people’s stories
  • Mindfulness
  • Church
  • Prayers
  • Music

Speaking of music, here‘s the first thing that comes up on YouTube for “renewal”:

What renews you?

I didn’t mention “blogging” last night at the group, but this blog gives me renewal, every day.

Do you see renewal in any of my other photos from yesterday?













Did you know that comments from my readers are another personal source of renewal?

Every day, I renew my gratitude for all who help me create this daily blog and — of course! — for you.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1565: Renewal

  1. Our basement renovation is giving me a sense of renewal. Every day when I see more progress it gets me excited. Is retirement a form of renewal? It’s the end of one of life’s journeys but the beginning of a new adventure. I sent in my retirement letter yesterday.

  2. Real new reconstruction 🙂

  3. Definitely nature for me. Whenever I start getting burnt out I have to escape the city and get to the mountains. Just spent a week there and it does wonders for my renewal. Reading your posts also renews my love of the blogosphere.

  4. Renewal…every day, in every way.

    Cy Young…1901-1908, I didn’t know that.

    • Yes, Cy Young renewed his contract with the Red Sox throughout all those years.

      Every day, in every way, I’m glad we’ve met on WordPress.

  5. Being in my art studio, immersing myself in creating for the pure joy of it, that gives me a sense of renewal.

    Walking at the park with my pooch, Beaumont, seeing his antics and his pure joy of being outside, running free, ahhh, such a sense of renewal.

    And that song, Thank you Ann. My mother is slipping away and that song brought a great sense of peace to my heart this morning.

  6. Getting outside on Nature renews me, especially if I can spend time in my garden.

  7. On a humorous level, there’s always Logan’s Run.

  8. Kindness
    Ice Coffee

  9. Wow! I did not expect kidney transplants under the theme of renewal. But yes, how powerful!

  10. Hi, Ann. Living in love renews all things. I love the teabag message and the Fenway Park mural. Reminds me of living in Cambridge/Boston in the 1960s and experiencing the Great Renewal of Hometown Pride when the Red Sox won the World Series! Watching the sun rise and the birds cranking up their voices in the morning isn’t ho-hum, either. 🙂

  11. Every day I feel renewed by new ideas here. Today I’m thinking about how “renew” means “make new again”. That’s why I think it may not be sleep but waking up ready to experience a new day is what really renews us.

  12. Yoga every day…. or just a sun breath is enough to make me feel renewed.
    Thank you for bringing this renewed energy into your blog Ann. I feel a new post coming on 💕

  13. Spring is renewal for me- and the returning birds!

  14. A good nights sleep and a holiday here and there help me renew my body, so I can continue to be there for those I love and care about

  15. this, so refreshing
    a renewal,
    just as each
    joyful breath
    in awareness 🙂

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