Day 1564: Did you know …

Did you know …

  • I sometimes get the title for my daily post from something I photograph the day before?


  • Some cats are not fans of other cats?






  • T.J. Maxx has merged with HomeGoods?




  • Fuzzy furniture is a thing?


  • Whales are a thing, too?




  • The best way to find out if you can trust somebody?


  • I am nervous, but not afraid?


  • What it’s like in a perfect world?



  • How I feel about all of us, here and now?


  • How grateful I am to all those who helped me create this post and– of course! —  to you?



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31 thoughts on “Day 1564: Did you know …

  1. It’s a bit of a cliche, but I’m constantly learning what I don’t know

    • Did you know …
      – cliches can be a useful source of learning?
      – I constantly appreciate your comments, Derrick?

  2. I did know you love cats Ann.

  3. Thanks a billion bunches, too, Ann.

  4. Okay, I kind of provisionally Like this. I’m slightly suspicious of someone who walks around a store taking pictures of the things on the shelves and then posts them on a blog, but when I think about it, it’s a lot less crazier than buying all those things and filling a house with them. So – on reflection – I’ve decided to like you, Ann Koplow. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

  5. Good post as usual Ann and we do agree with our love for cats 🙂

  6. I know that I like when I find things I don’t know in your daily posts, Ann.

  7. That giraffe is great. And I totally agree with Derrick.

  8. I now know more than I did before visiting here this morning, which is the amazing thing about learning: there’s never an end to it.

  9. Marcia Dubreuil

    I often start my day with Al Green singing this song, and I play it REAL LOUD!! The dog gets a kick out of watching me dance. Makes me feel brand new.

  10. That does look pretty close to Choppy’s perfect world!

  11. No I didn’t know this but now I do

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  14. Love that kitten emulating Christina in Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World.” >^-^<

  15. Wow! I’m so glad you did!

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