Day 1563: Make a wish.

Okay, everybody!  Let’s each make a wish, using whatever method we prefer for wishing.

When people wish at my office, they sometimes use one of these:



Do you believe that if you make a wish and share that wish, it won’t come true? Just to be safe, I’m not going to share the wish I just made, but I do wish to share all the other photos I took yesterday.











I do make a wish, every day, that I will help and awaken somebody, sometimes by encouraging them to wish.

I also wish to help and awaken somebody with “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder.

I shall now make another wish: that my readers comment on this blog exactly as they wish.

I wish, as always, to end this daily post with thanks to all who help me  blog exactly how I wish and — of course! — to YOU, no matter what you wish.

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23 thoughts on “Day 1563: Make a wish.

  1. My wish is for you … and everybody … to have a heart warming day Ann 💕

  2. I wish my office had cool stuff like wands and Jeanie lamps!
    I can confirm that your wishes come true. You always make me pause, think, encourage, and yes, wish.

  3. That’s one really cool wish wand! The bird with the crown on top is a crowning feature!

  4. I hope your wish comes true every day, Ann. I love Stevie’s longtime Wish song so much, too.

    • “I Wish” is a song I often wish to hear, Mark. Thanks for making my wish come true with a comment from you.

  5. I’ll make a wish – now, if only I had some dandelions gone to seed on which to wish, it would be perfect!

  6. I hope all your happiest wishes come true because without wishes our lives would be so empty. If we couldn’t, or even simply didn’t, nothing would ever prompt us to imagine a better, happier world.

  7. I love your genie in the lamp. Happy Easter.😊

  8. When a wish comes true for any of us, so long as it is not selfish in nature, then those around us will benefit, as well, by our joyful disposition.

  9. I would like the wand, it is so pretty

  10. I wish for safe travels for family, I wish for health for ill friends and family, I wish for love in the hearts of everyone I know and everyone they know. 😉

  11. I wish to be the best I can be

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