Day 1561: Everyday pick-me-ups

Every day, I look for pick-me-ups that I can pick up and share in this blog. Here’s one I picked up yesterday:


I’ve picked up from picky people that everyday pick-me-ups are particularly helpful on Mondays. Therefore, I’m picking these pick-me-ups for you, today.













When you become part of the universe and the universe becomes part of you, is that a pick-me-up? If not, what are your everyday pick-me-ups?

My sister, who is always one of my pick-me-ups, offered to pick me up later today and drive me and Michael to a Passover Seder at my cousin Lani’s house.

I wonder what pick-me-ups I’ll have to share with you tomorrow.

For now, I need to pick me up from this blogging chair and go to the Honda Dealership to see if I can pick me up a new tire. Then, I hope to pick the right things to say to provide pick-me-ups for people at work.

Here‘s a pick-me-up song I found on YouTube:

I forgot to pick up a picture of gratitude yesterday, so here are some grateful pick-me-ups from previous posts:

Thanks to all who helped me create this pick-me-up post and to you — of course! — for picking me up with your visit to this everyday blog.

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35 thoughts on “Day 1561: Everyday pick-me-ups

  1. Your posts help make my day

  2. Nice photos. 🙂

  3. Happy Passover, Ann

  4. Your post picked me up today, Ann. Thank you. I am still on the slavery side of things and needed that.
    Happy Passover!

  5. Thank you for putting all that effort into this lovely post 😊

  6. Your gratitude is always showing…thanks, Ann.

  7. All I need for a pick me up is to come here — where I find myself picked-me-up by your graciousness and gratitude — Happy Passover.

  8. Marcia Dubreuil

    Chag sameach, Ann!

  9. I always find a good quote can be a real pick-me-up, so here’s one from Allan Lieberman that seems timely:
    Well Hanukkah’s fun but they’re ain’t nothin’ greater
    Than eatin’ ’til you’re full at a Passover seder.
    Pass the macaroons, I’ll start the diet later.
    Thank God I’m a Jewish boy.”
    Happy Pesach.

    • Somebody passed the macaroons last night and we all ate until we were full. With comments like yours, Chris, thank God I’m a blogging girl.

  10. Thanks for the quick pick-me-up today, Ann. Remember the kids’ game pick-up-sticks? They didn’t make me smile so much. Pixie sticks did, with the sweet sugar powder. But I digress.

  11. Lovely…and this chick definitely loves chocolate.

  12. We all need a pick me up and sometimes I just need someone to pick me up off the ground because it can be so hard to get up this wouldn’t be so hard if I wasn’t so fat, just saying

  13. Reading your blog is always a pick-me-up!
    A Blessed Passover.

  14. I find a doozy of a pick up right here. Every day.

  15. I love the Egg Full of Bunnies–it looks like it might be like Monkeys in a Barrel, for those of us who remember that great childhood game!

  16. That Mary Blige is a tonic and so are you, Anne.

  17. Thanks for this tonic, Ann. And Lisa for getting there first 🙂

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