Day 1556: Worth more than gold

Yesterday, I saw a sign that asked a worthy question.


Who is worth more to you than gold?

My family, friends, patients, and readers are worth more to me than gold.

My trusty iPhone camera, which captures precious moments, is worth more to me than gold.









Michael‘s cooking and music I love are also worth more to me than gold.

Guess what? Your comments are worth more to me than gold, too.

Worth-more-than-gold thanks to all who helped me create this post and — of course! — to you.


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22 thoughts on “Day 1556: Worth more than gold

  1. Its worth more than gold to be the first one to comment today. Sending love your way Ann 💕

  2. Yes, life is it, Ann. You know.

  3. Gold is way down on the list, Ann.

  4. My new camera lens has gold-coloured trimming. Liking the results, Jackie calls it my golden lens – that’ll do.

  5. Perhaps the reason gold is so valuable isn’t just its color but because it’s so non-reactive. Mostly it stays “pure”, but in nature it forms a few minerals with tellurium. These minerals can be found in ordinary-looking rocks. In 1896 the residents of a small Australian mining town near what’s now Kalgoorlie literally tore the place apart when they realized the sidewalks, streets, and even their homes could yield as much as thirty pounds of gold per ton of rock.
    Was it worth it?

  6. That is a very good question!

  7. So many things are worth more than gold to me. Like right now, I am sitting on the bed with my laptop typing and Beaumont (my Sheepadoodle) is licking my fingers as I type (he actually managed to minimize my screen for a moment too!). That moment of laughter and joy is worth way more than gold!

    Coming here, finding joy and laughter and quirky thoughts is worth more than gold to me too!

  8. I agree 150% with all your greater-than-gold philosophy. My family and friends too, No doubt. And the freedom to be female AND a writer. That’s worth more than gold too. And, (you know I have to say it)…YOU!

  9. My family does that come as a shock to anyone, me thinks not

  10. I have been thinking about this a little bit on and off all day, and now I am in an empty bus station in Seattle thinking about it some more. Everybody is worth more than gold to me. And so are my memories.

  11. Golden brown. Gold by Spandau Ballet. Black and Gold. All those and others. Your posts are pure gold.

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