Day 1555: What belongs to you

Here’s a message from a teabag that belonged to me yesterday:


When I read that teabag, I thought it was telling me that a house by the water, which I had come to over the weekend,  belonged to me.

Earlier in the day, to find out whether the house really belonged to me, I came to it in my car and commuted to work from there.


All during the day, I came to many people and told them that house belonged to me and that I was going to make an offer on it.  People came to me and told me I belonged in that house and they wished me good luck in getting it.

Then, at the end of the day, I saw the house again and it came to me that the house and I did NOT belong together.

Since that house does not belong to me, what does belong to me?

  • My thoughts.
  • My feelings.
  • My wishes.
  • My hopes.
  • My dreams.
  • My mind.
  • My spirit. 
  • My heart.
  • My decisions.
  • The consequences of my actions.

More photos that belong to me will now come to you.















Now that I’ve shared those pictures, they belong to you, too.

Here’s something else that belongs to me: the smiles of my late parents.


My parents belonged near the water and so do I.  What belongs to me will come to me, eventually.

This video  about what belongs to you just came to me on YouTube:

My name, which belongs to me but is used more by others, is Ann Koplow. My gratitude, which belongs to you, is now coming to you.


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23 thoughts on “Day 1555: What belongs to you

  1. Broken Crayons

    Good luck with finding your spirit! 🙂

  2. Sorry that you didn’t end up with the house of your dreams, Ann. It is a pretty house and you have been looking so long. But! Oh my! It looks like it would require constant, challenging upkeep. As well, there are stairs going places I have never seen stairs go before! I hope the house of your dreams, once you find it, will be a little bit easier to live with.

  3. May you find the right house soon

  4. Just yesterday I learned that the Japanese artist Hokusai published work under at least thirty different names over his lifetime. He made his works as woodcuts so they could be easily reproduced. His works could belong to everyone.
    What belongs to us can sometimes be even better when it’s shared.

  5. Keep all the good feelings that you would have brought to the new house with you until the really right one comes along!

  6. It will all align for you when the house/time is right, Ann. Love the Rod Serling pic…maybe that explains it all ??

  7. What changed your mind about the house Ann?

  8. I am so happy you shared that picture of your parents. Those faces belong to you.

    And I’m glad you found out the house didn’t belong to you before it was too late. Whatever spoke to you used good timing.

  9. The view belongs to you, but I can tell the house would meed some outside work. I hope you find your house by the water. A house that belongs to you is waiting. In the meantime you can bask in your parent’s warm smile and pose like those cool bats!

  10. I hope you find what you are seeking. My parents ‘ smiles belong to me too.

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