Day 1553: It’s all about me

It’s another day, here at the Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally, when it’s all about me.

For example, this photo was taken by me:


Yes, it’s all about me, all day.

How should Me Me Me Day be celebrated by me?

Me, I’m going to do what’s best for me and my health, which includes letting go of unhelpful thoughts about me, like these:

  • Nobody understands me.
  • Other people don’t care about me.
  • The world doesn’t appreciate me.
  • Things will never work out for me.
  • You’re not listening to me.

Whenever it’s all about me and my unhelpful thoughts, that’s a miserable “me, me, me” day for me.

To further celebrate Me Me Me Day, here are more photos taken by me.















Because it’s all about me, here’s a YouTube video created by my son Aaron — who is a person who was created by me — and which includes a scream, by me, in the first few minutes:

There are other things in that video that are all about me:

  • Many of the scenes take place in a home which is all about me.
  • The lines “I’ll pass!’ and “What about William Henry Harrison?” are delivered by Michael, a man who is loved by me.
  • The bird salt shaker was purchased by me.
  • One of the watches in “Watch” belongs to me.
  • The “No Judgment” on the blackboard is a reference to me.
  • There’s an acknowledgement to me in the credits.

Since it’s all about me, why not leave a comment for me?

Bunches of thanks to all who helped me create this all-about-me post and to you — of course! — from me.



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35 thoughts on “Day 1553: It’s all about me

  1. This is what I heard….

  2. love that eye chart!! Every now and then it has to be all about me!

  3. Hokey Pokey..that IS what it’s all about…”you turn yourself around”.

  4. I’d say Hokey Cokey, but then that would be all about me

  5. Love that eye chart too, more fun really!

  6. Methinks you rock, Ann.

  7. And here I thought it was about me Ann haha! ❤
    Diana xo

  8. Lovely photos, but the one of hokey pokey really made me smile. I love about me, me, me on the positive side of me and not the woe is me side.

  9. Hi Ann, I love that it is all about you. So many wonderful things about you. And Aaron – such a handsome fellow!!!

  10. Its all about the hokey pokey after all. Thanks Ann!

  11. Gary Larson has asked that people not share “Far Side” cartoons on the internet because they are deeply personal to him. So out of respect for his wishes I’ll just share a line from one of his works captioned “Cow Philosophy”: “As you travel life’s path take time to stop and eat the roses.”

  12. It isn’t all about me which is ok I am pretty boring but sometimes it is about me and when it is it is great though

  13. I am listening, Ann, but without WiFi and so I will come back Ina few days and watch Aaron’s video.

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