Day 1542: Exclamation points!

At one point yesterday morning, I exclaimed, “There’s the topic for my next blog post! Exclamation points!”


Exclamation points are valuable!

I now exclaim that I saw exclamation points at many points throughout the day!













I shall now exclaim all these points!

  • I love my work!
  • When things suck, it’s important to remember that you don’t suck!
  • I love Egyptian Licorice Yogi tea!
  • Fear of commitment and fear of failure are very common human fears!
  • I often write helpful phrases up on my white board!
  • I love ice cream!
  • I’ve stopped eating kale because it has so much vitamin K, it screws up my INR blood levels!
  • I don’t miss kale!
  • I love spring!
  • Spring is here!
  • Today is going to be very cold in Boston!
  • The cold doesn’t bother me when I know it’s going to end soon!
  • I’m not going to have chips and dips on National Chip and Dip day because I’ll be working late leading a therapy group!
  • Yesterday, somebody said to me, “We all say the same thing about you — Ann is a great group leader!”
  • I love compliments!
  • It helps to exclaim positive points because we tend to forget them!
  • I love the Beatles!
  • Help!

I hope you exclaim some points in a comment!

Thanks to all  who helped me create this post and to you — of course!




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34 thoughts on “Day 1542: Exclamation points!

  1. I am always inspired by your posts!

  2. thanks for pointing out all the points, ann!!!!

  3. Exclamation points are vastly overdone!!

  4. I often still suffer from an appropriate slip of the tongue when I attempt to pronounce your hero of the day, Ann, calling it an “explanation point.” Because I think it is that as well!

  5. I’m going to make this an exclamation point kind of day❣❣❣

  6. Very exclamatory!

  7. I love any excuse to share funny videos like this one!

  8. I am an ! addict!

  9. Help! I like to think I’m above ! everything, but! once you start!, it’s hard to stop! You know?!!

  10. Another bloody great post

  11. you had me at ice cream is the new kale!!


  13. I use a lot of exclamation points. Glad I don’t have to create sound effects to identify them, though! I had no idea kale could mess up your vitamin A levels. Ice cream may very well be better.

    • Kale messes up my vitamin K levels, which is important because I take Coumadin! Ice cream IS better! Thanks for commenting!!!

  14. !!!!! You definitely don’t suck, Ann.

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