Day 1540: What’s the worst thing that happened to you yesterday?

The worst thing that happened to me yesterday was that Oscar the cat peed in my bag, which I didn’t realize until  I’d been out and about at Open Houses, with the bag on my back.

When I got back home and emptied out my bag, I realized Oscar had targeted all my house-hunting documents and one tax document.   The worst thing that could happen in this post would be my speculating what Oscar was trying to tell me.

What’s the worst thing that happened to you yesterday?

Oscar peeing in my bag was not the only thing that happened to me yesterday.










What’s the best thing that happened to you yesterday?  The best thing that happened to me was FaceTiming with my son Aaron in Scotland while my boyfriend Michael made Pad Thai.

What’s the best thing that could happen musically in this post?  This.

The worst that could happen to me on WordPress today would be to get no comments from my readers.

One thing that’s not going to happen: my forgetting to thank all who helped me create this worst-thing-that-happened-yesterday post and you — of course! — for reading it.

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53 thoughts on “Day 1540: What’s the worst thing that happened to you yesterday?

  1. I always play 9-1-7 but did not buy ticket yesterday. It hit. Woulda had $500.

  2. The worst thing that happened to me is I read the news today, oh boy.

  3. The worst thing that happened to me yesterday was that I had to leave watching the NCAA basketball tournament for a couple hours to go to work at the library. The best thing that happened to me yesterday was that I left watching basketball for two hours to see live jazz at the library for an hour-plus. That’s my P’s and Q’s, Ann Koplow.

  4. Yum! Pad Thai! I had a sore neck and I watched movies all day and didn’t try to lift my laptop. Today, better so far.

  5. The worst thing that happened to me yesterday was what Oscar did. Harley will not have it either.

  6. The worst thing that happened to me today was I made a friendly remark about a really cute grand child I saw in someone’s blog that morning but attached it to the wrong person’s comment, a teenager. She wrote a very strong and rude comment back, questioning my judgement. I replied strongly back, noting people make mistakes, that I mistakenly associated the cute toddler with her, that I didn’t need the drama, and that I was unfollowing her as soon as I completed the comment. And I did! I told her that she was free to unfollow me as well, and that I preferred she did. Good grief!

    I deleted the exchange because my blog is a simple kitty blog, where people tell me they come for a daily dose of light humor and kitty silliness. Some note they have physical and emotional issues that the daily dose of kitty silliness helps lighten. With that responsibility, there is no room for high drama and rudeness toward either the readers or me! This young woman has the dubious distinction of being the first and only person I’ve banned from my blog. I don’t feel good about that.

  7. Love that photo of the sheep in the dory. Maine, of my Heart, since childhood. Haven’t been there much since Mom’s gone. But our new Florida friends live there and have invited us! Worst thing? Trying a phone number I’d hoped would lead me to a loved one off my radar screen, to no avail. Cat pee in the backpack? How Awful! Good luck getting that pervasive smell out of it. Vinegar might help. Or something with the word Nature in it from the pet store.

  8. For some reason I can’t think of what the worst thing that happened to me yesterday was, but I can think of the worst thing that happened to me involving Otto Dix. The first time I saw the movie Hedwig & The Angry Inch I could have sworn that the doctor who performs Hedwig’s surgery was modeled on Dix’s portrait of Dr. Hans Koch. I even thought about writing about it and yet when I went back and checked there was no resemblance at all.
    In fact I’d widen the scope to say that’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me involving German Expressionist painters.

  9. All I can say is varnish and bedding.

  10. No worst thing, no best thing. Worked all night, slept most of the day. The universe stayed in balance. Perhaps Oscar was giving his editorial opinion of the tax system, or maybe on business in general.

  11. Hope that’s not Oscar’s way of announcing what he intends to do at the new house.

    Hmm, worse thing that happened to me yesterday? I only got to play 4 hours of the new Zelda instead of the 8 I was planning on. In the long run I’ll count that as a win.

    Loved the open house picture!

  12. Nothing. 😊

  13. Oscar was clearly mad about something. Had you been anywhere that someone else’s pet rubbed against your bag? A few months ago, my Sammy peed in my hair because I had leaned back on a pillow at my niece’s house and picked up the dog’s scent. I love the sign at the museum to watch your kids 🙂

  14. For me the worst thing that happened yesterday was Blain and Leo getting into a punch up before school

  15. The best thing that happened to me was seeing 2 Eagles flying overhead and actually taking a photo that came out. No worsts. Reading your worst counted for worsts for everyone I think. Reminded me of when my cat peed on my coat that was lying on my bed- all over the inside lining- I had to say goodbye to that coat. Hope your documents were rescuable

  16. We had a cat that used to pee in my husband’s slippers. Usually after 1-2 weeks away working. The worst thing was eating leftovers and poor cable. The best thing was getting further along in my current cliffhanger book and texting with my son. I guess Oscar is needing to sit down with you and talk it out. Nice that the FaceTime worked out and Michael’s Pad Thai looks delicious. Enjoyable days ahead!

  17. The worst thing yesterday was my mom was not feeling well. But when we went to be with her she gave us a loaf of banana bread she had made (because that’s what mom’s do).

  18. Nothing – it was a good day

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  20. The worst hing that happened to me was being on hold for 42 minutes only to be disconnected. This actually turned out to be the best thing that happened for the person who had me on hold .. lol!

  21. Oh how I love that song. The worst thing that happened to me was living another day seeing my husband in pain froma knee injury. That’s it cuz I am visitng my grown sons and grandchildren and they erase all worst things.
    Naughty cat. 🤔

    • One of the best things that’s happened to me today is you showing up here!

      • And you are the first best thing to happen to me today, cancelling out the worst (hubby snoring all night in a hotel room-nowhere to go but a dark corner with my ipad) But things could be so much worse. Nice to meet you!

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